Amazing Pedant is amazing – part I

It seems to me (I could be wrong) that The Pedant went through a “peak” of sorts in his sweet behaviour toward me, and then levelled off.  The peak was right around here or here, where he reached a fever pitch of being super affectionate and helpful around the apartment.  But after that – unless my brain is playing tricks on me – there was a bit of a trough.  The sweet gestures dropped off.  He didn’t seem as physically affectionate.  And because I’m paranoid, I assumed this was probably because of something I did and I narrowed it down to two opposite events: the time I tried to tell him how much I like him, and the time I offhandedly mentioned that I’m not looking for a relationship.  I figured either he was enjoying a no-strings-attached vibe with me and my declaration of affection put him off, or he was thinking of us as dating in some capacity and when I said I didn’t want anything too deep he felt I was pushing him away.  My brain likes to set me up so I can’t win, apparently.

The last time I saw The Pedant was at his birthday thing, where we acted platonic because we were around his friends.  And the last time or two that we’d seen each other had gone oddly in some way, and I was beginning to wonder if I was on the way out.  But this time around, something seems to have changed.  I don’t know why or how or whether it’s going to be permanent – but I like it.

First off, there was all the uncharacteristic text/email affection before this get-together.  When I confirmed with him that I was free from Wednesday til at least Friday night, he told me he was looking forward to spending a couple of days with me.  Then I told him the job I thought I had on Friday night had fallen though, and he said “Looks like I have you all to myself, then. :)”  The night he was destined to arrive, he was going to a concert first and I didn’t feel like accompanying him; when I texted him wishing him a fun night and reminding him to keep me apprised of his schedule/whereabouts, he texted back an affirmative and told me again that he was looking forward to seeing me.

When the concert was done, he texted me to tell me he was on his way over – but added that a slight complication had come up that might result in him getting called away early.  When he arrived at my place he told me his terminally ill grandfather had finally passed on earlier that day, so there would be family stuff he’d have to deal with – he wasn’t close to this grandfather at all, but he does live with his parents and if he didn’t attend the various death-related functions he’d have to deal with them being pissed off at him.  And he added that this whole thing was a shame because he’d been looking forward to spending a couple of nights here.  

So…that’s four times that he told me how much he wanted to spend a bunch of time with me.    It not like he’s never said he enjoys my company, but this seems unprecedented.  And it’s awesome.

As soon as he got here, he began methodically taking off his clothes and stowing them in his knapsack to protect them from a Bastardcat furring (the fur situation in here is especially ridiculous now that spring has come!  OMG so much shedding).  As he undressed and then sat on my couch, we made small talk – about the grandfather situation, about his family issues, and (somehow) about Star Trek.  I remained in the plush bathrobe I’d donned to let him in; the idea of us both automatically getting naked every time he steps in the door (and then not even having sex but just sitting around shooting the shit) is just too absurd to me.  Plus I’ve been feeling uncertain lately about where I stand with The Pedant and this insecurity is not conducive to me wanting to be vulnerable in front of him.

We kept on casually discussing Vulcans and pon farr, without kissing or touching or anything; I wasn’t sure if I should make a move and maybe he wasn’t, either.  Eventually, though, my robe started making me too hot and I undid the belt and shrugged out of it; then during a gap in the conversation I just sorta casually went from sitting up to lying with my head on him.  We were roughly yin-yanged: he’d been lounging on one hip with his upper body propped up on one arm, and I curled up in his negative space with my head on his top thigh and my bent knees near his support-arm.

The Pedant immediately began stroking my back and shoulders with his free hand, and I shivered and goosebumped at his touch and made appreciative sounds.  He kept on making casual conversation as he touched me; it felt like his touch wasn’t so much foreplay as an absent-minded way of occupying his hands as we talked.  Except not really because after a while The Pedant prodded me gently up into a sitting position (I noted on the way up that he was hard…), pulled my head toward his, and started just kissing the living hell out of me.

No, seriously.  The.  Living.  Hell.  Maybe he’s been unusually horny lately in general and that’s why he was looking forward to this visit so much; I don’t know.  All I can say is that he was more passionate than I’ve ever seen him before.  There wasn’t really any buildup like there usually is; he started vocalizing loudly and desperately the moment I touched him, and his entire body was sensitive to my ministrations, not just the usual spots; he moaned when I ran my hands over his thighs, his back, his neck – anywhere.  Kissing-wise, all pretence of stylistic finesse went right out the window; he went at my mouth like he was trying to devour it (and since I have a smaller-than-average mouth-opening, he pretty much succeeded.  His lips weren’t on my lips so much as engulfing them).  He was so frenzied that at one point I swear he straight-up licked my cheek.

And during this vicious onslaught of lips and tongue and moaning and squirming, The Pedant nudged my knees apart and began to stimulate my ladybits.  And here I’d just finished complaining to you guys that he never initiates that kind of stuff with me and I always have to ask.  What the hell has gotten into this boy?!

To be honest, The Pedant wasn’t rubbing me anywhere near the spot I’d need to get off.  That’s okay, though, because what he was doing felt good, I can’t get off in a sitting position anyway, and the sexytimes had started so quickly that my responses were still trying to catch up.  If his fingers had gone straight to the right place, it might actually have been too much.  So, I parted my knees further to give him more access and let his fingers turn me on as we continued sloppily making out.  And you guys, he kept going with the hand stuff even when I was doing pleasurable things to him!  He didn’t go all passive on me!

Things heated up more and more.  The Pedant’s fingers made their way inside me.  I was running my hands up and down The Pedant’s entire body, loving how responsive he was being.  At one point I wrapped my hand around his throat and oh my god the noises he made.  So hot.  I kissed the places on his neck that I know he likes (pushing my hand up under the shelf of his jaw to hold him steady and expose the bits that I wanted) and this, too, got an unusually strong reaction.

When I cupped The Pedant’s balls, he gasped and moaned harder than he usually does; ditto when I pressed my fingertips against his taint.  On a hunch, I planted my hand on the couch between his spread legs and leaned so that my forearm pressed hard against him from his asshole to just behind his balls; he whimpered and started basically humping my arm.  I know I’ve said this before but it really does puzzle me that The Pedant says ass play did nothing for him when he tried it; he damn sure loves having his prostate prodded from the outside…

After a while, The Pedant’s fingers (and his moans and his body and and and…) had turned me on so much that I was dying to add my Hitachi Magic Wand to the equation.  I said “We should move to the bed.”  And promptly added “…We’re probably going to have to detach for this” because I was suddenly certain The Pedant would try to keep his fingers inside me as we relocated – which might work if I were tiny and light enough for him to scoop me up in one arm and carry me, but as it was we’d just end up shuffling awkwardly down the hall with him in a half-crouch.

He still tried to keep his fingers anchored inside me despite what I’d said, but even just the process of us both clambering up off the couch was difficult that way so he quickly thought better of it and withdrew his fingers from me.  Once we were standing I made a move toward the hallway but he swung me around to face him, seized my head between his hands and kissed me some more.  I pressed him close to me and ran my nails down his back and over his ass and he made the most lovely sounds.  

And then – still ferociously making out with me – he shifted his body so that his erection, which had previously been trapped between us, fell between my legs instead…and he didn’t adjust it.  In fact, he started pushing his hips against mine so that the head nudged up against my labia with every stroke.  And my thought process went something like: 

Oh my fucking god this is so hot I want him so much.  But sex ed class said that it’s bad to rub genitals with someone because there’s a risk of STD transmission so I should reposition us but unf this is so hot and I really don’t want to stop…and The Pedant has had a vasectomy and tested clean for every STD just six months ago and is having very occasional, protected sex with only two other people and I’ve already done a bunch of iffy things with him anyway* so probably this won’t make things any worse. But what’s up with The Pedant rubbing his junk all up on me like this?  He’s never done this before; he’s up on his sex ed knowledge, too.  And this is not an accident – I’m pretty sure he let his cock fall between my legs on purpose, and he’s definitely rubbing it up against me on purpose.  Why now?  What’s changed?  Urrrghl can’t think…too turned on…

We kept frantically making out as The Pedant insistently and deliberately nudged his cock against me.  I don’t think he was trying to fuck me – the logistics for that were all wrong** and I’m sure this was obvious to him and not just me – I think he was trying to tease me.  And goddamn, did it ever work.  Partly because almost-but-not-quite doing something I love (in this case, fucking me) is a sure way to drive me insane, and partly, I must admit, because unprotected sex and even unprotected genital touching are so taboo for me.  So, y’know…we were being really, really naughty.

Somehow, at some point, we managed to break apart and finally move to the bedroom.  I assumed I’d end up in the “driver’s seat” like usual but no, The Pedant pushed me flat on my back and got on top of me.  We kept making out and he started dry-humping me (another first, with him); his cock was diamond-hard and trapped between us, and he drove up against me slowly but really really firmly.  His erection felt like it was carving a trough into my pelvis but his fever pitch of arousal was so fascinating and so hot that I just grabbed his ass and pushed back at him. 

Then The Pedant sat up on his knees and began slowly jerking himself off.  This is yet another thing he doesn’t usually do (I’ve only seen him touch himself once, when I specifically asked him to).  I was drinking in the sight of it so raptly (and also wondering why he was doing it – were we not going to have sex?  Was he intending on coming on me instead?) that it took me way longer than it should have to realize that he he was rubbing the head of his penis against my clit.  So, not masturbating with intent to get off; rather, trying to use his penis to get me off.  I honestly hadn’t even noticed the contact.  My clit is weirdly desensitized lately and also I was all discombobulated from all of the Pedant’s unusual behaviour and transfixed by the sight of him holding his own cock like that.

The Pedant bent to suck on my nipples and at that point I thought “Hey, I know what would be fun – if he went down on me!”  He’s never gone down on me before, but I know he’s not against it in general (thanks to his many overshares about other partners).  The last time he visited I asked if he was averse to going down on me in particular and he said no, I’ve just talked so much about having an oversensitive clit that he’s afraid of hurting me.  I made it clear that I’d like to have his mouth on me at some point and wouldn’t hold it against him if he accidentally caused pain; he said he’d bear that in mind.

So anyway, The Pedant was sucking on my nipples and I thought I’d push lightly on his shoulder as a hint for him to move further south.  I honestly didn’t expect that to work, since he sucks at catching hints and may have been lying about his stance on cunnilingus for all I know (maybe I smell weird and he just didn’t want to tell me, or something?) but just the barest amount of pressure did in fact trigger him to scoot down and plant his mouth on me.  Or maybe he’d already decided to do that and the timing was a coincidence – I seriously barely touched him.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.  I can’t believe I spent all this time believing The Pedant was awkward or reluctant about giving oral.  I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such enthusiasm.   Instead of being kind of delicate and trying to target my clitoris like previous partners have, he dove in and just engulfed me with his entire mouth.  I think perhaps he was purposely starting off with a more general sort of stimulation to get me more turned on, and then zeroing in on my clit gradually; his tongue kept swirling around and getting closer and closer to the tip.  In the past, direct clitoral contact has hurt (which is why oral sex is so hit-or-miss for me; a person usually has to be very precise) but that night I decided to take a chance.  I don’t think I’m as sensitive as I used to be, considering I used to be able to get off by humping a pillow and these days I need the Hitachi on its highest setting.

His tongue landed on my clitoris at last, and…it didn’t hurt!  It felt intensely pleasurable, in fact.  Too intense for me to get off from it, though; my orgasms need to build momentum slowly.  I hung in there to see if I was wrong about this, but no.  After a pretty long bout of tireless, steady, enthusiastic mouthwork from The Pedant, I told him I was so overstimulated my body had completely forgotten what to do.  He launched himself back up to my face and gave me a bunch more sloppy, passionate kisses.  In the dim light of the room I saw something caught in his beard and went to pluck it out: it turned out to be a droplet of saliva.  One of many.  In his enthusiasm for the cunnilingus, The Pedant must have been drooling.  I surreptitiously wiped his chin between kisses, then wiped my own because The Pedant’s kisses had made my face dripping wet.

I think I must have gotten the Hitachi from its hiding place at that point, or maybe The Pedant did, but at any rate the next thing I remember is him kneeling between my legs and applying the vibration right where I needed it.  I began to breathe hard, to arch my body against the pressure.  

The Pedant’s free hand came up to press lightly on my throat and in a low, confident voice he asked me “Do you want my cock inside you?” and part of me bristled at the idea that he was trying to top me.  A bigger part of me was just fuckin’ insanely turned on.  The Pedant is not usually a talker during sex; normally it’s all I can do to get him to say “yes” when I ask if I should get out a condom or something.  I’ve never heard him refer to his junk by any word whatsoever.  Meanwhile, I love dirty talk (especially the word cock, OMG) and I’ve always thought The Pedant had a sexy, sexy voice.  

And I did in fact want his cock inside me.  Like…a lot.  So I responded with a long, stuttering “yes” that trailed off into a moan as The Pedant rhythmically ground the Hitachi against me, and he said “Picture my cock sliding slowwwly into – ” and BAM, that set me off.  He pressed the vibrator even harder against me*** and his other hand moved from my throat to my mouth, clamping down and muffling my cries.

When my orgasm was finished he kept the vibrator on me, and I let him for a few minutes just in case I had more orgasms in me, but nope – it was all just too much.  I told The Pedant I needed a break, and he set the Hitachi aside and came up to make out with me some more.

After a few minutes I flipped him over and climbed on top of him to continue the makeouts.  Playfully pinning his wrists as I kissed him made him cry out; ditto grabbing him by the throat. “Shall I tie you down and have my way with you?  Or are you too tired?” I asked.  By then it was about 5am – we’d been going at it for over two hours.  I could totally have gone to sleep at that point but felt it was only fair to reciprocate the pleasure The Pedant had given me.  He’d seemed so intensely turned on all night that it would’ve felt mean not to.

As he usually does when I ask him questions while he’s aroused, The Pedant didn’t answer me.  Unless you count his continued moans and whimpers as an answer, which at this point I kind of do. I got the restraints out of my bedside drawer and he promptly offered each wrist and ankle to me in turn, making a little sex-gasp every time I tightened and buckled a restraint.  Damn, his extreme responsiveness was hot.

Once The Pedant was anchored to the bed, I noticed that his erection was kind of flagging.  I broke out the lube and began slowly jerking him off with the intention of getting him hard enough to fuck.

A few minutes went by and he was still only half-erect despite my best efforts.  Then I noticed that he’d begun breathing suspiciously like a person who’s fallen asleep.  Maybe it’s just deep sex-type breathing,” I rationalized to myself, and kept going.  Annnd then his legs started doing little sleep-twitchies and he started clicking his teeth together like he always does when he’s asleep.  My wish to get my own pleasure first and “save” his for the next day had miraculously come true without me even trying!

I clambered all over The Pedant to unclip his wrists and ankles from the bed, giggling quietly to myself the whole time.  None of this woke him up; he didn’t even move into a more comfortable position.  He was totally out of it.  I went to the bathroom for a pre-sleep pee break and when I came back he was still lying spread-eagled; I started manually shifting his leg and arm over to make room for me on the bed and he woke up slightly and rolled so his back was to me.  I spooned up behind him and quickly fell asleep.

Stay tuned for more.


*Multiple incidents of unprotected fellatio and putting a condom on him with hands that were just giving him a hand job, to be specific.

**The angle was wrong and his cock isn’t long enough to reach as far back as my vagina when we’re standing up like that.

***Too hard, actually.  The sensations were so intense that my orgasm kind of cut short because of it.  I’ve decided that I need to have a talk with The Pedant about this – when handling my junk, he tends to seek out the spot that makes me react the most strongly and keep on hitting it, which is not necessarily a good thing.  Too much stimulation just short-circuits me.


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  1. phoenixasubbie

    OHHHHHHHHH My, that’s hot. Gotta go rev up the Hitachi

  2. Vices

    Hot damn.

    I’m probably going to get off to this later. Hopefully that makes you happy to know!

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