A synopsis.

The Pedant’s grandfather just died so he can’t stay as long as he was originally planning to.  He is currently taking one last shower before he goes – the viewing is tomorrow.  (NB: The Pedant and his grandfather aren’t close at all, so he’s not sad or anything.  But he needs to go to the viewing and funeral to appease his family.)

I am tired as fuck, so I won’t recount the whole visit right now.  But I will say this: 

-He offered to help me tidy my apartment (D’awwwwwwww!!!!!)

-The sex was the hottest we’ve had together so far.  Possibly the hottest I’ve ever had, period.

-He went down on me for the first time.  I liked it a lot but didn’t come.

-One of the incidences of sex ended up being bareback.  We didn’t plan this, and it’s not super-smart, but it happened. (NB: The Pedant has had a vasectomy so this is not as stupid as you think it was.)  


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