*Heart explodes*

The Pedant – who is coming over tomorrow (Wednesday) night – just emailed to confirm that I’m free until the weekend (which arguably sounds like he’s thinking of spending three nights here, depending on when you believe the weekend starts and how precise you are with statements about time).

I said I’m free.

He responded with “Excellent.  I’m looking forward to spending a couple of days with you. :)”

There’s not enough d’awwwwwwww in the world.  Remind me of this moment the next time I’ve convinced myself that The Pedant doesn’t like me and/or never expresses affection.

Edit: When The Pedant asked if I was free until the weekend, I’d actually mentioned that I might be working on Friday evening but was still waiting to hear back.  When the art instructor in question texted me back to say I’d responded too late and missed my chance, I passed that info on.  And The Pedant replied, “Looks like I’ve got you all to myself until Friday night. :)”  This level of flirting seems pretty out of character for him.  I like it, though, and hope it continues!

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