An evening with TLH

Totally decent evening with The Latent Heterosexual the other night.  Small talk and “catching up” fairly quickly led to cuddling and caressing, during which he told me that he’d be comfortable “messing around” if I wanted to, and I said I thought I’d be okay with that, too.

After a while we moved from the couch to the bed.  TLH asked if I’d like him to take any clothes off.  I said that just his shirt was fine for now.  I straddled him and ran my hands over him and bit him a little bit, but really couldn’t build up much sexual fervour; my chemistry with him has always been a little iffy, plus these days he has a full beard (it suits him, but it makes me not want to interact with his face very much).  His skin was smoother than I’d remembered and nice to touch.

I peeled my dress off over my head and asked him to caress my back.  He ground his crotch up against me as he did this, and I ground back down on him a little bit.  His hands were amazing.  The band of my bra became an infuriating impediment to sensation but I wasn’t sure I wanted to take it off just yet, partly because TLH was always really into nipple sucking and that was a little more intimate than I wanted to be with him at that point.  I suppose I could have just asked that he not do that, but it seemed easier and more comfortable just to keep my breasts under wraps.  TLH did rear up on his elbows to bury his face in my cleavage, though.

I think from there I ended up collapsing next to him and he gave me a neck rub.  I massaged his neck and back, too, but not too firmly or for too long – I realized aloud that I was doing a really demanding posing job the next day and needed to preserve my strength.  TLH was understanding of this.

I lay on my stomach (with one of TLH’s arms trapped under me somehow) and asked him to run his hands over my legs and feet.  Instead of sitting up to do this, he remained next to me with his bottom arm pinned under my belly and just caressed as far as he could reach.  As soon as his fingers trailed downward over the backs of my knees, the nerve endings in the soles of my feet lit up in anticipation and began to tingle/throb.  But TLH couldn’t reach that far; his fingers circled from mid-calf up to the bottom of my ass where my boxer shorts were riding up, and then back down again.  I let the anticipation build until I thought I might die, and then repeated my request for foot-pettings.  TLH excused himself to go to the bathroom first.

When he returned, he’d stripped down to his underpants.  I’d been going to ask him to do that anyway, but it bothered me on principle that he’d taken it upon himself to get more naked when earlier I had asked him to remove only his shirt.  Maybe this is unfair…?  I’d disrobed without asking him first, after all.  I did miss The Doll’s stalwart and very literal obedience at that moment, though.  Give The Doll an instruction and he adheres to it come hell or high water.  At any rate TLH immediately donned a bathrobe, so if his increased nakedness had offended me in and of itself (it hadn’t) that would have mostly fixed it.

And then…he began to caress my feet.  And continued doing so for a lovely long time while I writhed and vocalized and gripped handfuls of mattress.  I need to find myself a nice foot fetishist so I can have that kind of attention more often and know that my partner is loving it, too.  I’m sure TLH enjoyed drawing such reactions out of me but the fact that I had to ask for this twice makes me a bit paranoid.  Was it just that he couldn’t reach, at first, and had forgotten that my feet are such a huge erogenous zone for me?  Or is he slightly put off by feet and needed to be pushed a little bit to touch mine?

At any rate, I got what I needed and I got it good.  I ended up high and giggling from endorphins, almost like I do after an orgasm.  TLH curled up with his back to me and I spooned him (except he was lower than the “little spoon” would normally be; his head was at my chest level.  He’d been putting himself lower than me at intervals all night.  Part of his submissive nature, I guess?) and ran my hands over his thigh where the bathrobe had fallen open, and he fell asleep.  I decided I might as well try for a nap, too.

After an hour or two, I surfaced again and realized I should probably get home.  It was dark out and felt late; I wanted to sleep in my own bed so I’d be optimally rested for work the next day.  I carefully climbed over TLH, used his bathroom, came back, and stealthily put my dress and socks back on.  Then – sitting on my knees beside him on the mattress – I put my hand on TLH’s shoulder and told him I was heading out.  He made a sleepy, incoherent sound, sat up…and then bent forward so his head was in my lap and put his arms around my waist.  

Once upon a time I would have loved it if someone had prostrated themselves before me.  That night…I didn’t.  I don’t know if it’s because my preferences in a sub have changed or if it’s just that I don’t see TLH as  my sub so the prostration felt unearned or inappropriate.  But I figured TLH must have wanted to feel submissive that night, and all the putting-his-head-lower-than-mine stuff was his way of getting where he wanted to go, so (then, and also earlier when he would put his head on my chest) I just petted his hair.

After a few minutes, TLH raised himself from my lap/walked me to the door/hugged me goodbye/etc.

Part of me feels guilty that the night wasn’t very reciprocal (TLH lavished way more attention on me than vice-versa) and wonders whether he’s disappointed that things didn’t go in a blatantly sexual direction.  But y’know…earlier that very night, TLH described himself as a very service-oriented sub, and in the past he’s said that he’s not sure he even likes orgasming.  He says that obviously the coming itself feels good, but afterwards he always feels a little guilty and ridiculous so in a way it’s more fun to just be aroused and not release.  He says he likes having sex that pleasures the other person and then just…stopping without coming, himself.

So probably he’s fine with the way things went.  And so am I, really; the only reason I even massaged TLH in return is because it felt like the polite thing to do.  I actually would have been totally fine with just lying back and receiving his ministrations all night long without doing a damn thing back.  And once we were on his bed dry-humping I realized I didn’t much feel like doing sexual stuff, although if he’d offered me a hand job I might have accepted out of sheer curiosity (my crotch is not cooperating with me lately…I require the Hitachi every time, and usually on the highest setting.  But if anyone could get me off manually, it’s TLH and his ridiculously strong guitar-player’s fingers).

I do hope TLH got something out of it – feeling needed or feeling submissive or whatever it is he was looking for.  I certainly got the touch and intimacy I needed.

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