Two potential subs.

I met with one of my FetLife ad’s respondents tonight – more because I couldn’t think of any reason not to than because I was super thrilled about him.  Online, he seemed reasonably articulate and…not unattractive, but probably not really my type, either.  But as long as someone’s not hideous to me, the right chemistry can really change my perception of them, so I gave it a shot.

He did grow on me over the course of the evening, although I’m not sure I’m attracted to him (yet?) per se.  He’s quite charming, and although he was kind of monopolizing the conversation, I did like and agree with most of what he said (we were talking about gender politics and the philosophy of kink, mostly).  At the end of the night he asked for a hug and said he’d like to see me again sometime, if that was okay.  I said yes to both things.

One potential issue: dude’s skin and/or breath had the bitey smell of someone who eats a lot of garlic.  I find it offputting but feel it would be a bit presumptuous to tell someone to change his eating habits in order to qualify for makeouts with me.  But makeouts are not on the table yet anyway so it’s moot.

On a side note, this guy was pretty perceptive at picking up body language, and I find I’m no longer used to that.  Minx’s ADD made him miss a lot of stuff because he wasn’t paying attention and The Pedant is quite possibly Aspie, so yeah.  It’s weird, talking to someone who picks up on subtleties.  I feel so exposed.

Tomorrow I meet the 23 year old I’ve been talking to.  Him, I am kind of excited about – first and foremost because he has actual experience as a submissive.  He knows what he likes!  I’m not just an “experiment”!  And it looks like he takes some hardcore pain – he has pics on his profile of the marks people left, and some of those pics make me cringe in sympathy.  There’s a possibility I’ll bore him by moving too slowly (I’m not used to anyone letting me do all the stuff I wanna do…I think I’d keep waiting for the other shoe to drop!), but if he sticks around, I’ll finally get to play with someone who doesn’t make me hold back!

Also, he’s very cute and our personalities seem to click – in writing, anyway (we’ve been texting and emailing only).  The clickage is largely due to him being a super friendly and easygoing guy, I think, and not because I’m a special snowflake, but I’ll take what I can get.

Already, somehow, he and I are talking as though we’re definitely going to hook up – I make a conscious effort not to do that with anyone because in-person chemistry can be a really fickle thing, but a few little things slipped out.  And although my plan tomorrow was just to have coffee with him…I think I may clean up my apartment tonight just in case. :O


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2 responses to “Two potential subs.

  1. Good luck 🙂 can’t wait to hear all about it!

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