The 23 year old cancelled.  Oddly, it sounds like he’s cancelling because he was supposed to come to the city with his brother and his brother bowed out and now he doesn’t want to go alone (I say “sounds like” because this kid makes a lot of typos and it can be hard to catch his gist sometimes).

He says he’s really sorry and he is interested in me.  And he wants to phone me today, I guess so he can get an idea of what I’d be like face-to-face, and although the idea brings out my anxiety a bit, I’m willing to try.  When we’re speaking voice-to-voice I’ll see if I can delicately get to the bottom of why he doesn’t want to travel alone.  To be honest I”m vaguely hoping he has anxiety issues too – then mine won’t be such a letdown for him.  He keeps telling me I sound amazing and asking what the catch is, and “big time social anxiety and also difficult food needs” is what pops into my head every time he says it.  Although I haven’t broached the subject yet.  My “catch” isn’t relevant to my skills as a dom, after all.

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  1. gingernic

    Well, shucks. Cancellations are no fun for anybody.

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