Meeting mode…ENGAGED.

I have now proposed a coffee date with one of my FetLife respondents (someone I haven’t specifically mentioned before).  He seems a teensy bit pretentious, but this may just be an unfortunate writing style – in person perhaps he’ll come off differently.  He seems bright, reasonably cute, and into the same things as me.  And there’s no point in dragging shit out.

Waiting to hear back from him now.

Also!  Got a new and promising response from a very cute 23 year old.  He’s not on par with me emotionally/intellectually (obviously) but he wrote a decent first message, has actual experience subbing/bottoming, and, like I said, is extremely cute.  Also, he loves women with short hair or shaved heads.

Oooh, the 23 year old just replied to my reply.  He’s awestruck by the pic of me that I sent him, and seems pretty together and aware of what he wants.  Intrigued cougar is intrigued. 😀

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