Longest sex post EVAR.

The Pedant’s latest visit was fun – he just left.

At first, I felt like there was a weird vibe.  We went to lunch (which he paid for – he doesn’t always) and then a walk in the park, which was a nostalgia trip for me ’cause that’s what we always did in the old days when Minx and I were still together.  Except back then we’d always make out in the park – on one occasion he was so eager to kiss me that he cut me off in mid-sentence with his mouth – and this time we just walked.

I thought about initiating something myself (I’ve been enjoying The Pedant’s increased amounts of public affection and wanted some a lot right then) but it just never seemed like the time.  Once we were out of the park and waiting for the traffic light to change so we could walk back to my place, I did move in and kiss him on the cheek; then I went to put my arm around him and maybe kiss him again but he acknowledged my kiss with a very final stroke-pat-pat-pat of my back that said, loud and clear, yeah okay thanks for the kiss but that’s enough for now.  Phooey.

Back at my place, he didn’t immediately disrobe like he usually does and my overthinky nature went into hyperdrive.  Was he not interested in sex with me?  Oh god, did he pay for lunch as a kind of apology because he was about to dump me?!?!

Also, he spent a long while sitting on the edge of my couch, typing away on his phone.  Usually he turns his ringer off and focuses on me when he’s here.  So I didn’t love that.  I bided my time in the other room, brushing Bastardcat to try to get some off his excess fur off so it wouldn’t end up on The Pedant’s clothes.  Finally I got bored waiting for him to turn his attention toward me, and I got behind him on the couch and began massaging his shoulders (he’d mentioned some soreness earlier).  He concluded his phone business and began to relax into my touch.

After a bit more massaging, he suggested we watch that last episode of Sherlock that I had on my laptop.  I asked if he wanted me to bring my laptop out there or watch in bed; he said out there would be better (aaaaaargh alarm bells in my head arrrgh).  When I brought out the laptop and we began to watch, I noticed he hadn’t even taken off his shoes (aaaaargh) although he slowly did so over the course of the program.  We sat next to each other without touching; at one point I reached over and affectionately petted his hair, hoping to elicit cuddles, but he just patted his own hair as though I’d disarranged it.  Grrrrrrr…

When the show was over, I made us some food and we ate and chatted.

By then it was maybe 9pm.  The Pedant thanked me for the salad, stood up (still fully clothed), stretched, and said “So, did you want to watch something else?  Or maybe just…bed?”

Oh thank god: he wasn’t off the idea of sex with me.  I promptly chose “bed” and stood up and planted a soft kiss on his neck under his left ear – a place he seems to like a lot.  And already – just from that one kiss – his eyes were closed and his breathing began to deepen.

I kissed and caressed his neck a bit more, then kissed his mouth, and for a long time we just kept on making out, standing there in my living room.  I’d been dying to see him naked, but he was caressing me a lot more than usual – moving his hands up under my shirt and stroking my back so that I shuddered and clutched at his shoulders – and I liked the idea of keeping the focus on me for a while.  So, I left his clothes alone and stripped myself to the waist instead.

The Pedant’s fingers moved from my back to my arms – drawing a keening sound of out me when he traced circles over the creases of my inner elbows – and then back up to my breasts.  Most of the time when I’m experiencing pleasure I close my eyes, but I opened them for a moment somewhere in there to find the Pedant gazing at my breasts with total absorption as he ran his fingertips over them.  I’ve never, ever seen him open his eyes during sexytimes before.  It was interesting and a little weird to catch him looking at me when he clearly didn’t know I was watching.

He bent to suck on my nipples for a little while – an act that I don’t find particularly pleasurable in and of itself, but I do love the reverent way he bows his head to do it.  When he came back up again I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately, urgently.  He was kissing me back for a change, which I enjoy, of course, although sometimes it seems like he doesn’t know what to do with his tongue.  I mean it keeps seeming like he wants to put it in my mouth, but when I back my own tongue up and out of the way, he doesn’t do anything.  So, usually I end up being the tongue aggressor.  Sweeping a pointed tongue-tip just underneath his upper lip almost always makes him gasp, as does sucking on his lower lip, so I did those things.  I ran my hands hard down his back to kind of smooth his body up against mine.  I cupped his ass and yanked his hips up against me.

Then, and only then, did I start making my way toward his nipples (which I bet he was waiting for from the moment I stood up from the couch…).  If he’s worked up enough, just getting near one of his nipples and/or acting like I might be about to touch it will whip him into a frenzy, and I do love to build up that level of anticipation.  I started at his waist and began verrrrrry slowly and lightly running my fingernails up the surface of his shirt, directly in line with his left nipple.  When I was an inch or three away from it (hard to tell through the shirt) The Pedant gave me his first electrifying little sobbing moan of the night, and kept moaning as my fingernails described a wide arc around the nipple.

I sneaked a glance at his face; he wore an expression I remember from when the two of us used to only make out because I was dating Minx.  The Pedant and I would kiss goodbye at the end of a date (for five or ten or twenty minutes…) and I’d pull back and he’d be…kind of dopey-looking, actually.  In a hot way.  Slack-jawed and glassy-eyed.  Right then, in my living room, his eyes were shut – but I know if he opened them he’d have that same stunned, not-quite-able-to-focus quality.  I love that I can make him come all undone that way.

Up to this point, I had not felt any evidence of an erection pressing into me; I wondered if The Pedant wasn’t hard yet, or we just weren’t pressed tightly enough together for me to feel it, or what.  Once I started lightly skritching his chest I could damn sure feel something, though. And that’s when I finally I placed my fingertips sort of in his armpit and let my thumb drift searchingly across his chest, grazing him through the fabric of his shirt until I felt the telltale soft, silky nub I was looking for and started very, very gently and slowly brushing back and forth over it.  And The Pedant whimpered and began to rock his hips against me just a tiny bit.

I reached down to grab his cock through his pants.  It was indeed hard, and it didn’t just pulse when I flicked my thumb across his nipple, as I would have expected – it was pulsing constantly, rhythmically.  LIke a heartbeat or the deep-down thrummm of a power generator.  Nudging insistently against my palm.  So fucking hot.

At roughly this point, The Pedant took a half-step back so he could peel off his shirt without elbowing me, then stepped forward into my range again.  I greedily touched every inch of his skin that I could reach; by this point he was so revved up that even running my hands over his back or arms made him moan.  I kissed his neck, his mouth, bent and drew my tongue whisper-light and torture-slow over each of his nipples as he made soft little lost-boy whimpers.  I think I was licking my way along one of his collarbones when I sensed he was positioning himself to whisper in my ear.

What he whispered was: “Take me.”

And I shoved him to the floor hard enough to shatter bone and then tore the flesh completely from his skeleton using only my teeth.

Okay, that part only happened for a split second inside my head.  What actually happened was I said “clothes come off now.” and I undid his belt and pants with shaky hands and pushed them – and his boxer briefs – down to his ankles.  His cock was ludicrously hard – so hard that it pronged out from his body at a 45 degree angle – and when I drew back the foreskin I was delighted to find the glans all shiny-wet with pre-come.  I wrung another drop of moisture from the head and used it to lubricate my thumb, which I then ran in slippery circles over his frenulum – making him cry out some more and push his hips toward me in tiny insistent thrusts.

And then I took my pants off, said “come on” and headed for the bedroom.  He followed me and in short order I was on top of him in bed and we were making out.  At one point I guess I was sitting up on him so I could reach down and play with both his nipples at once; my head was up and my eyes were shut, and I felt The Pedant reach up, cup my face, and start running his thumb back and forth over my lower lip.  A few guys have pulled this move on me before and I’m never sure how to respond.  It seems like I’m expected to open my mouth and maybe start sucking on the digit in question, but finger-sucking is not a usual part of my repertoire and also it seems kind of porny in a way I’m not entirely comfortable with.  Like I’m such a fuck toy that all someone has to do is touch something to my mouth and I’ll automatically start sucking.  At the same time, though, I’m not against putting on a little show for someone if it’ll enhance their experience. But The Pedant always has his eyes closed when we’re doing stuff, so why bother with showmanship?

That’s when I looked down at him to try to read some cue in his face…and he was looking back at me.  He’d been watching his thumb rub across my lip.  That was the first time we’ve ever made eye contact during sexytimes, accidentally or otherwise.  I like the intimacy of eye contact and wish The Pedant would look in my eyes more often; I’m convinced he doesn’t because he’s self-conscious and doesn’t want to know whether I’m looking at him.  So now, when our eyes locked by accident, I caressed his face and smiled warmly at him to try to make it feel nice and unscary.  The Pedant promptly seized my face in both hands and pulled me down for a “passionate” kiss.  Ummm yeah, I totally know what you did there, buddy.  Nice save.

Pretty soon he was back in the restraints and I was aggressively riding him.  I had intended to give him a hand job rather than sex – he’s told me before that being tied up and jerked off is his favourite thing – but by this point I was just too hungry to have him inside me.  As I ground myself down onto his cock I taunted him about the fact that he was tied down and completely at my mercy – a little leap of faith on my part since I wasn’t sure whether helplessness was part of his bondage kink.  But no, it hit home; he got all gaspy. 😀

As often happens, though, my thigh muscles began to ache and my interest in penetration waned before The Pedant had come.  I said “do you want my hand?” and he nodded and made a tiny little peeping sound which was evidently the closest to speech he could manage just then.  I dismounted, de-condomed him, and went to work.  I didn’t get myself off at any point; I was turned on, but wanted The Pedant to make me come after I was done with him and his hands were untied.  My orgasms are way more intense when administered by someone else – something I was vividly reminded of the last time The Pedant was over.

It didn’t take long to get The Pedant off using my hand.  I was lying cuddled up to his left side; when he came he thrashed against the restraints like he was terrified (OMG HOT) and I gripped his nearest thigh hard between mine and murmured “Down, boy.  It’s okay.  I’ve got you.”  This didn’t have as noticeable an effect as the trash-talk I’d dealt him earlier, but then again he was already mid-orgasm so how much more aroused could I expect him to get?

Like last time, I kept jerking him off well beyond his orgasm in a quest to milk out every last shudder.  The Pedant whispered “Slower…”  God, I love it when he whispers directions to me during sexytimes…it gives me the opportunity to tailor my movements to what he needs and I get to watch him struggle to form words because he’s too aroused to remember how to talk. But I feel silly because this particular note is one he’s had to give me on numerous occasions.  When he seems like he’s about to come I always get caught up in his sense of urgency and start wailing on his cock super fast, and anyway most dudes have seemed to prefer that fast pace, so there’s decades of habit propelling me.

Eventually I stopped jerking The Pedant without him telling me to (next time, just for fun, I’ll tell him to “say when” – it could be he’d prefer me to keep going for way longer for all I know).  I let one of his wrists out of bondage, tried to unclip the other, and finally said “Fuck it – you can do the rest yourself” – the webbing of my left thumb was dripping with a substantial load of come and it was too hard to undo the restraints using mostly my clean hand.

I climbed over The Pedant and went to the bathroom to wash my hands and pee.  When I came back, he’d freed himself and was lying on top of the still-unmussed blankets, curled on his side with his arms tucked against his chest.  The position struck me as curiously feminine (in a pleasing way).

“We should turn out the overhead light,” he said (“we” meaning me, since I was up).

“We should retrieve the Hitachi Magic Wand from between the bed and the wall, is what we should do,” I said (“we” meaning him since he was on the bed).

“I’m falling asleep,” The Pedant said – and indeed, his voice was already sounding kind of muzzy.  Fucking hell.

“So I take it we need to follow a certain order with these proceedings?” I asked, with maybe just a leeeetle bit of irritation.

“Usually,” The Pedant barely managed to mumble.

I stood by the door for a moment, debating whether it was worth it to clamber over The Pedant, follow the Hitachi’s cord to the outlet (a power bar buried under a bunch of clutter between the bed and the wall) and take it into the next room.  Ultimately I concluded that I was too lazy (and possibly a tiny bit too triggered) to do any of that, and I turned out the light and lay down next to The Pedant on top of the blankets, backing my ass up into him so he was spooning me.  He immediately bear-hugged me and, ten minutes later when I wanted to get under the blankets, he felt me move and immediately clamped down on me tighter so I couldn’t go anywhere.  I’m not sure that habit of his will ever stop being adorable.

Eventually, I struggled free of his grip, got under the covers, and slept fitfully for a few hours.  Then I gave up on sleep and went to the living room for a couple of hours to surf the ‘net and have a snack.  When I came back into the bedroom The Pedant had found his way under the blankets.  He glommed onto me again when I climbed in next to him. 🙂

In the morning I made us some eggs and then we cuddled up under the covers some more…and got to talking about sex.  It started with me telling him I’m open to trying anal play sometime if he wants to – historically I haven’t been into it (on the receiving end, I mean…), but it sounds as though he’s an aficionado and it might be worth seeing if he can teach me anything new.  I asked him why he thinks anal play enhances a chick’s orgasms – is it basically g-spot stimulation, felt through two walls instead of one?  Does he press against the top wall when he’s got his fingers in there?  He said no, it has nothing to do with the g-spot, it’s just more nerve endings being stimulated – and if you do that in conjunction with vaginal and clitoral stimulation it can make for an overwhelming kerpow.  And he went on to tell me a bunch of anecdotes about things he’s done to other women.

In the past, him droning on about past conquests would irritate me.  Today it turned me on – mostly, I think, because I’ve experienced his bedroom skills and I know now that when he talks about lavishing tons of skilled attention on women, he’s not bullshitting.  The encounters he told me about were probably true, and the reactions he described were probably accurate.  And I can harness that awesomeness for myself. 😀  …Also, he was telling me these stories because I’d asked, and we weren’t in the middle of sex ourselves.  That kinda makes a difference.

So, The Pedant’s stories turned me on and I was still all backed up from the night before (and hoping he’d volunteer to fix that, but he hadn’t, so fuck it).  I started putting the moves on him, and he visibly shifted gears and began to be all passive and whimpery.  It’s interesting how shy he is – in addition to the whole keeping-his-eyes-constantly-closed thing, he’ll often cover himself up if I’m not directly doing something to him.  So for instance, things began to get kind of heated, and I pulled the blankets down to mid-thigh so I could lick and stroke his cock.  Then I had to take a pee break, and when I came back he’d pulled the blankets back up to his waist.  Both his hands were under the covers, and at first I thought he was touching himself (maybe he had been, while I was in the bathroom) but on closer inspection he was just lying there with his arms at his sides.

I did fun things to him a little while longer but then told him outright that I wanted him to get me off.  It bugs me that he didn’t offer of his own accord, really; I mean sure, we had a discussion about orgasms once and agreed that it’s not crucial for both people to have one during every encounter, but I meant that if someone didn’t come but says they’re fine with it, it’s okay to believe them and move on with your life.  I’d thought that’s what he meant, too.  Seems to me the fact that I’d asked him to pull out the vibrator last night meant I had unfinished business.

The Pedant agreed to my request easily enough.  He retrieved my vibrator, positioned himself between my knees, and started running the Hitachi lightly up and down the insides of my thighs.  I really liked it that he was giving me a bit of foreplay (in addition the making out we’d just been doing and, y’know, the two hours or so of buildup the night before).  He gave me two orgasms in pretty rapid succession, then slid two fingers into me and set about giving me another.

I honestly didn’t think I had the capacity for any more at the moment; The Hitachi’s jackhammer-like power is efficient, but tends to make me numb.  I was certainly willing to let him try, though.  I figured I was more than due for a turn as the centre of attention.

So, for I don’t even know how long, The Pedant worked my g-spot while grinding the HItachi into my clit with his other hand.  And it didn’t make me come, but it was pretty fun all by itself.  At times his ministrations gave me powerful twinges of pleasure – sensations as intense as one of my orgasms, but much more brief.

After a while, the vibrator was more painful than pleasurable (and also felt like it might be about to overheat) so I asked The Pedant to set it aside but keep doing the internal stuff.  So that continued for a while…The Pedant has this thing where he stimulates my g-spot and clit with the same hand, somehow (I’ve never been entirely sure how he does this, but it feels really nice) so he was doing that for quite a while.

And then, miraculously, I felt like maybe I could come again, after all – if I was the one who wielded the Hitachi.  So I did, and I did.  And The Pedant clamped his free hand over my mouth at the last minute, which was fucking crazy hot.  Annnnd then I decided to attempt a fourth climax, and The Pedant kind of grabbed my throat as I was building up to it but I told him I didn’t like the pressure on my windpipe so he withdrew and waited for my orgasm to hit and then covered my mouth again so I could wail into his hand.

When the proverbial dust had settled, The Pedant smirkily asked me how I was doing.  I locked my legs around his waist and pulled him on top of me, where I growled and bear hugged him and bit him and kissed him and then had a nice little cry.  After that dust had settled, The Pedant got up off me and sat on the edge of the bed.

I asked him what he gets out of the hand-on-the-throat thing.  He said “nothing” – that he just thought might like it.  (I wish to god I’d asked him why he would think that; I don’t see how I could possibly seem like someone who wants to be choked.  But my brain was not functioning at its best at that point so it didn’t occur to me to ask.)

The Pedant observed that I seemed to like it when he put his hand over my mouth.  I confirmed that I did, and told him my theory that when I go all sex-feral, being able to fight against him restraining me in some way is probably the next best thing to hurting him the way I’d like to.  Either way, I have somewhere to put all that ferocious energy.  He seemed to understand.

Around that point in the conversation, I got a delayed fit of the giggles.  “Endorphins starting to hit?” The Pedant asked, and I nodded, my stomach contracting so hard in laughter that my body kept trying to curl up into a prawn.  When the gales had subsided a bit, I managed to explain to him that g-spot stimulation always adds a huge emotional component to an orgasm for me, even if the orgasm itself is just a piddling little pfffbpt of a thing.

I asked The Pedant what I could do for him (i.e., if he’d like me to return the orgasm favour) and he said “I think I’m good, actually.”

I’d assumed he’d gotten up to sit on the edge of the bed because he was thinking of getting ready to leave…but he just kept on sitting there, and I was feeling super affectionate from coming my brains out four times, so I got up behind him and started massaging his shoulders.  And The Pedant…kind of melted.  I wasn’t expecting that – he moaned and sighed and began to slowly keel over backward and I had to quickfast get into a more stable position so he could lean on me without us collapsing into a heap.

And once he was leaning on me, I wrapped an arm around the front of him and grazed one of his nipples with my thumb, and that immediately set off a bunch of sex noises, and everything kinda spiralled from there.  He ended up tied down to the bed again while I alternately jerked him off and went down on him.  I was determined to jerk him off this time (his favourite activity, remember) and not get distracted by sex, but he ended up telling me he wanted to be inside me so we had sex after all.

It was pretty obvious to me from the getgo that The Pedant probably wouldn’t be able to come – his erection was almost too bendy to put the condom on.  I gamely forged ahead, though, and we had some very pleasant intercourse for a while until he told me he needed to stop.  I undid him from the restraints and – even though he hadn’t come, and even though he’d slept for eleven hours the night before – The Pedant immediately curled up with his back to me and began to doze off.

Meanwhile, the feel of him inside me had gotten me all turned on again.  I got out the Hitachi and – to my complete surprise – found myself in the zone where I can have seemingly endless numbers of orgasms in a row and usually only stop because my leg and stomach muscles are too tired.  I must have come six or seven times.  The first time, The Pedant made a sleepy little approving noise and groped backward to pull my face into the crook of his neck as I came.  He fell totally asleep soon after that, though – he only remembered me coming two or three times.

Once I’d thoroughly exhausted myself, I hobbled to the shower to rinse the sheen of sweat off me, then climbed back behind The Pedant and spooned him.  We had a lovely two or three hour nap together.

When we woke up, The Pedant showered and then asked if I wanted to go out for sushi.  That sounded like a fucking awesome idea.  I got dressed and then sat around for literally half an hour while The Pedant fastidiously lint-brushed all traces of Bastardcat’s fur out of his clothes and finally we went to the sushi place Minx and I always used to frequent.  The Pedant didn’t pay this time – and it occurs to me that maybe he should pay for things a tiny bit more often because I spend money feeding him when he’s over plus we’ve gone through a ton of my condoms and lube – but I was still flying so high on orgasm happy-chemicals that I didn’t care.

On the way home, I asked him if he had some kind of problem with going down on me because I’d now brought up the idea twice* and he’d balked.  He said he wasn’t averse to it or anything, but he assumed he’d probably accidentally hurt me, since I hate direct clitoral contact and it can be difficult to be precise in cunnilingus.  This seems like it’s probably the truth; the first time we hooked up, he’d seemed like he was thinking of going down on me (tied his hair back and everything) but when I warned him about my extreme sensitivity he gave me a hand job instead.

I indicated that I’d like him to head south sometime.  He was like “Okay, but if I accidentally hit the wrong spot you can’t try to crush my skull with your thighs.”  I assured him that I would never try to crush his skull with my thighs – I’d succeed.  But no, seriously, if he went down on me I promised not to react badly no matter what.  At some point, I need to be clearer with him: I don’t expect, or even necessarily want, for him to try to get me off in some marathon carpet-munching session.  I just like the feel of someone’s mouth there, even if it’s only in the form of a kiss every now and then in passing.  And The Pedant has such sexy, pouty lips that I’ve been wanting to feel them on my girly parts pretty much since the day we met.

Soon after we got back to my apartment, The Pedant had to leave.  He gave me quite a lovely kiss goodbye, said “let’s do this again soon,” and off he went.

I think I’m beginning to understand why he only wants to come over every two or three weeks, even though he’s not getting a whole lot of sex from anyone else.  I’d assumed that the marathon bedroom sessions he favours meant he had a strong sex drive, but suddenly it occurs to me that liking to take your time in sex isn’t an indicator of your sex drive; the number of orgasms you have is.  And The Pedant consistently has a hard time performing more than once in a visit, even if sixteen hours have gone by in the interim.  He may be super fun and skilled and passionate, but I think his actual sex drive may not be too crazy high.  Plus, it’s possible he noticed we don’t have a ton to talk about, too.  Makes perfect sense.


*Oh right…I forgot to tell you…after those first four orgasms, I told The Pedant that my clitoris was kind of numb/tender, and coquettishly asked him to kiss it better.  He dodged the request by saying that more contact would probably make it feel worse, not better.  I chose not to push the issue at that time, but between that and him claiming to have a stuffy nose last time around, I felt like something might be up.


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7 responses to “Longest sex post EVAR.

  1. Andy

    Well, that was damn hot, except for the squeamishness about orgasms/oral sex. I’m not even all that toppy and your tales about The Pedant make ME want to tear his flesh off with my teeth. I really admire your restraint at not continually trying to push him into more.

    As for the lip/thumb thing, well, it generally doesn’t bother me when it happens to me, but if a boy did that when I happened to be in a Mood, I’d be tempted to either bite him or else press my own finger into *his* mouth and lapse into all kinds of fellatio-related dirty talk. What’s good for the goose and all.

    Augh, see! I told you these stories are making me feel all toppy.

    • Well, that was damn hot, except for the squeamishness about orgasms/oral sex.

      It really does seem like he’s just got performance anxiety re: oral – but I wish he’d told me that! I mean instead of dodging my requests, why not say “I’m worried I’ll slip and hurt you” or “can you give me any helpful tips?”?

      I’m glad I’m not (any longer) one of those people who gives sexual favours specifically in hopes of getting them back. I’m all over his junk with my mouth whenever I see him, but that’s because I like it (Not even because he likes it. Because I do.) and him confessing to squeamishness about cunnilingus wouldn’t change that.

      Oh, and I totally forgot until just now: The Pedant has done the thumb-across-the-lip thing before, so this visit I did it to him to see how he’d respond (and maybe pick up cues about what he’s looking for when he does it to me). He did absolutely nothing in response. Didn’t even twitch. This was a while before he did it to me and the weird accidental locking of eyes happened.

      I’m glad you enjoy my sex stories! It lets me know that the hotness I felt when they happened is coming across pretty well in my writing. 🙂

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