The Pedant, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, is kind of…beefy.  He’s not fat at all or even particularly broad, but the muscles he has feel really dense, especially on his shoulders and arms.  And yet the first time I gave him a massage he asked me to go lighter…and lighter…and lighter…until I was practically just patting him.  I didn’t expect that; I thought someone so densely packed-together would need a lot of pressure to get to the deepest layers of muscle.  Hell, Minx and I need very firm massages and our necks and shoulders are spindly as fuck.

The first time The Pedant and I hooked up and he indicated that his nipples are a huge erogenous zone for him, I started flicking them hard with my tongue and even pinching and biting a bit; that’s what other partners have liked.  In my defence, he didn’t scream or recoil or even give me any clear signal that he disliked any of it – I clearly didn’t traumatize him with my rough handling.  But during a hiatus in the action he used his words to let me know that gentler would be better.  Similarly, the time I asked him to touch himself so I could watch, he went a lot lighter and slower than I did when I’d jerk him off – I’m used to guys needing a fairly firm grip and frantic pace.  I need firmness and franticness, myself.  He still has to remind me to go slower every damn time because I simply cannot conceive of anyone being able to get off from the stroke two…three…four stroke two…three…four rhythm he seems to favour.

At lunch the other day, the restaurant automatically put a sprinkle of black pepper on The Pedant’s salad without asking and he bitched to me about it for five full minutes, plucking the most sullied leaves off the top of the salad and setting them aside.  I thought I was the biggest wuss in the world about spicy stuff, but nope – I’ve been known to put a bit of pepper on my food sometimes.  The Pedant finds even the tiniest dash of black pepper intolerably spicy.

These revelations about The Pedant caught me by surprise, but I think it’s all really hot (well, I’m probably just neutral on the pepper thing).  I like the contrast of this brick shithouse of a boy needing to be touched so delicately.  I like that I’m learning how to better please him sexually.  I like the feeling that I’m getting past the tough-guy facade he puts up and seeing a deeper layer.  I like knowing that The Pedant can trust me with all his sensitive bits (believe it or not, I’m exceptionally good at being gentle in bed when I want to be!).

Most of all, I like having my assumptions questioned.  Why should someone (even a someone who’s prone to a certain amount of macho posturing) have less sensitive skin or taste buds just because they’re stocky and/or muscular?  No reason at all.  So now I’ve been educated.


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