Yay! Impending secks!

I broke down and asked The Pedant for hangouts.  I was trying to hold off because (as mentioned previously) it suddenly hit home recently how little we actually have to talk about.  But I’m not willing to downgrade our sleepovers to him coming over and fucking me and immediately leaving; I like the sleep-snuggles too much.  So, it seemed prudent to try to space our visits out a bit so we’d have more catching up to do when we do see each other.

I was also intending on spacing out The Pedant’s visits so I’d have more time to pursue other tail and get that newness and variety I’ve been hankering after.

But I wanna get laid, he’s my only current source of sex, and we still have one more episode of Sherlock to watch so whatever.

Also!  I got my hands on some Kimono brand extra-thin condoms (which I’ve heard really good things about) and am eager to take them for a test drive.  I’m aware that their thinness probably won’t do anything for me, but I’m hoping The Pedant will be spurred to new heights of thrashing and moaning – which does do something for me, albeit indirectly.

We’re getting together on Sunday to have all-day breakfast and maybe a walk in the park.  After which time he’ll come home with me and at some point a bunch of sex will undoubtedly ensue.

The way I’m feeling lately, The Pedant may not survive.  I think I may actually fuck him to death.

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