Yay and urgh.

Usually I eat the same few things all the time, but yesterday I felt like a change (which usually means my mood is improving*, so yay!).  I also felt like stepping out of my comfort zone (probably to prove to myself that I can still have a full life without a bf around to rescue me from the things that make me anxious).

So, I got gluten free Pizza Pizza for dinner.  The ordering process twigged a bunch of my anxiety issues in a pretty huge way, but I did it – and actually it went totally smoothly.  The counterguy was amazing.

The horrible downside is that, although the pizza was gluten free, I guess the crust was too carbohydratey for me, or contained some other ingredient that affects me badly, or something – I ate half of it last night, was high as a friggin’ kite all evening, and had big-time fuzzy brain and coma sleeps; I could barely wake up this morning afternoon.  Then when I did wake up, I ended up compulsively finishing the other half of the pizza.  And then having a smoothie later to boost up my blood sugar again when I began to have a post-pizza crash.  I really, really shouldn’t have fucked myself up today because I’m working first thing tomorrow morning, but…yeah.

The smoothie was fuckin’ amazing though.  Almond milk, almond butter, banana, maple syrup, and decaf espresso, from a fancy-schmancy health food restaurant I went to with Kaija.  I totally wanna go back for another on a day when I have not already messed up my blood sugar.  🙂

Health issues aside, I’m excited that I deviated from my usual food patterns and ordered take-out all by myself.  One small step for the neurotypicals, one giant leap for me.

*When I’m depressed I don’t have the energy for decision-making, no matter how minor.  I think that’s the biggest reason my diet is so samey.


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7 responses to “Yay and urgh.

  1. Andy

    I always wonder about these gluten-free pizza crusts. I mean, if you go to the grocery store, EVERYTHING has gluten in it. Certainly, some of the sausages have gluten. Even some of the SPICES will say they potentially contain gluten. So if you order a pizza on a gluten-free crust but they just throw on, say, any old pepperoni and put any old spices in the tomato sauce…Hurray, the crust’s gluten free, but the chain never made any claims about any of the other ingredients.

    • In this particular case, the dude behind the counter poked around on his computerized cash register and CHECKED that all the toppings I wanted were gluten free (which I didn’t realize they could even do, and which is why he’s amazing).

      There’s risk of cross-contamination, of course, since gluteny foods are served in the same restaurant. But that’s not a huge concern for me; I’m not that sensitive to gluten. Yet.

    • And yeah, it’s ridiculous the foods that have gluten. SMARTIES have gluten for some damn reason! (In Canada, Smarties are candy-coated chocolate pellets. Basically the same as M&Ms. And yet, if I recall, M&Ms don’t have gluten.) That doesn’t even make sense to me.

      • Andy

        I’m Canadian 😛

        • Oh. 😀

          An American internet friend and I once got into an all-caps screaming match via Yahoo Messenger because we were talking about chocolate and I mentioned Smarties and he was like “WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SMARTIES AREN’T CHOCOLATE.” I think “Smarties” in the ‘states might be what we call “rockets” here? Or something?

  2. jnakabb

    Damn – sorry to hear that. My wife is gluten sensitive, and can usually get away with gluten-free crusts, but prefers home-made by her Service Top 😉

    You may find that a wheat sensitivity is also present (there go the bloaty wheat beers).

    Also, they probably use cornflour and other thickeners in the M&Ms chocolate. They use the candy to lure you into a false sense of security 😦

  3. Kaija24

    Yeah, that stop for smoothies/coffees was good…definitely a do-again 🙂

    Pizza Nova has a gluten-free crust that they make fresh every day AND they have online ordering if you are craving pizza again sometime.

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