The plot thickens…

After a preliminary spate of “meh” replies to my personal ad, I’ve gotten two that kind of excite me.  

One is a delicious little puppy of a 19 year old I’d already been talking to; my ad asks respondents to put “balloon” in their subject line so I know they read the whole thing, and the 19 year old interrupted our pre-existing conversation to go “p.s., balloon.”  So I guess he’s seen my ad and likes what I had to say.  He is, however, a total newbie who doesn’t really know what he likes or what he wants – the one thing he’s sure about is playfighting, which I’m iffy about*.  It’s possible that my style of domination won’t really do it for him…we’ll see.

The other dude is 27, poly, artsy, intelligent, and willing to team up with Link to fulfill my threesome fantasy.  He’s a switch who says the way I play is exactly what he likes when he’s subbing.  So that’s promising!

Both guys have shirtless photos on their profiles that make me whimper a tiny bit every time I go look at them (which I have done repeatedly because RAWR).  Both guys also live in other cities – almost everyone who responded to my ad so far lives in another city. actually.  That would be the universe making sure I don’t (can’t!) get too close to anyone because I’m not really ready for anything serious yet.  Funny how this shit works out.

I really liked it when I was seeing The Doll and The Pedant at the same time; my dream as a poly person is eventually to have two boyfriends**, and the Doll-and-Pedant era of my life is the closest I’ve ever gotten to that.  It was just as awesome as I’d imagined it would be.  Right now, though, I want to focus on my art business and my modelling work a lot more than I have been; I can’t be seeing some dude every week and seeing The Pedant every two or three and trying to maintain my various friendships.  If I start seeing someone who lives in a different city, chances are we’ll have to space our get-togethers kinda wide apart…which is perfect.

These boys are both so pretty OMG.


*Resistance play kinda turns me on, but only if I win.  In most cases, this means my partner has to let me win, since I’m not super strong and I don’t have any skills at grappling.  This particular boy does Brazilian jujitsu and seems like he wants a real fight in which a woman genuinely takes him down.  And also I have some emotional baggage that can make playfighting suddenly turn really really triggery for me.

**…and also the freedom to explore with others if I feel like it, but I probably won’t have much time or inclination to look around if I’m seriously dating two people.

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