Choose your own adventure

When I have a lot of important things to do, I usually become paralyzed and unable to start on any of them – the moment I try to start on one thing, I berate myself for not doing another instead.

The other day I realized: these are all things that need doing, so literally anything I work on is the right choice.  I needn’t fear heading down the wrong path because there is no wrong path.*  How zen.

This revelation hasn’t changed my entire life and turned me into a productive dynamo or anything.  But it’s unlocked me enough that I’ve been able to take some little baby steps in positive directions.


*Except ignoring all my duties and fucking around on the internet instead.  Which unfortunately seems to be the direction I go in most of the time.


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2 responses to “Choose your own adventure

  1. Fnord

    Sounds…like I’ll have to try that. Could be a helpful thought process for me, too.

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