Flight risk

Still no word from The Mensch; the last time he wrote me was about a week ago (with me writing twice to him since then; once agreeing that our recent date was awesome, and once asking him for another).

I think he said something about an upcoming visit with family in the ‘States somewhere, so maybe that’s happening now and he’s not easily able to access email.

I’ll give it another couple of days before I prompt him again.

Frankly, I was worried this would happen.  He’s new to kink – he’s been fantasizing about it for ages but the only experience he’s had has been with vanilla girlfriends who played at dominance just to please him.  A lot of people, when they’re on the verge of getting something they’ve wanted for a long time, panic and run away.  And on our last date we slipped into a lot of talk about kink and he made a lot of sweeping statements about what he’d love to do for me, or have me do to him.

I’m betting he’s panicking.  I thought he’d be the sort to at least tell me so before disappearing, but perhaps not.

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