A possible opportunity.

I just emailed The Art Instructor – the guy who gave me my first modelling break – and asked if he had any sustained pose work for me.  He asked me to call him – like, now.  So I did.

The connection was a little wonky but it sounds like he was waiting for his gf to come over and he was going to propose.  I think he maybe he’d had a drink or three in anticipation; he was being very very effusive toward me.  He kept talking about how I “really came through for him that time and he’ll never forget it” – referring (as far as I can tell) to the fact that when he offered me work last year, I showed up.  Well, if he wants to go crazy with gratitude over that, he can be my guest.

He kept talking about some huge amazing potential gig he has for me (not quite a life drawing class but something similar…?) and says he’ll call me tomorrow to talk about it.

Between his secrecy and the fact that it’s apparently not your typical life drawing class, I wonder if this is gonna turn out to be something a bit seximafied that I’d be too uncomfortable to do (there’s a drawing class in my city that gets two models to pose in simulated sexual positions, for instance…it happens)?  Maybe I’m just getting antsy about his intentions because when he signed off on our phone conversation he mentioned feeling sleepy and horny. Horny for his gf who was coming over, one would assume, not horny for me.  But dude we’re essentially co-workers; I do not need to hear you talking like that, or indeed even to know that you have a sexual side.  

It’s probably fine.  He’s always been totally professional while I’ve been posing, and reeeeally informal when I’m not.  This is just more of the same.  

I’m curious to know what this super-secret idea of his is, though.  Whatever it is, he says that even if that falls through he’d like to paint me himself, as a personal project (and pay me to model for the portrait).  I wonder how much of this was crazy drunk-talk?  I wonder if he’ll even remember to call me?


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4 responses to “A possible opportunity.

  1. Fnord

    “I wonder if he’ll even remember to call me?”

    If he doesn’t call you, it’s probably worth calling him again. Yeah, awkward thing to do. But it sounds like he’d have several perfectly reasonable excuses to forget, so in turn you calling him again to make sure you haven’t slipped his mind for those perfectly understandable reasons is also reasonable.

    “I’m curious to know what this super-secret idea of his is, though.”
    Do you want to encourage wild speculation among your commentariat?

    • I want to encourage MEDIUM speculation among my commentariat. 😀

      • Fnord

        I’m not sure any speculation I make would be anything but wild, since the entirety of what I know about art modeling I learned from reading this blog.

        But for something that SEEMS reasonable, I’d guess he (or someone he knows) is thinking of teaching a class that requires extended steady work by the same model.

        • They already have those…”sustained poses” are when a model comes in for weeks at a time and takes the same pose for the whole thing (with breaks). It’s so students can make an oil painting or a really detailed drawing. 🙂

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