Edging yay, abstinence nay.

The Pedant finally replied to my email re: “saving himself” for me.  Apparently, going without orgasms for a few days doesn’t do anything to him but make him come really fast when he finally does have sexual contact.  His orgasms aren’t more intense and he doesn’t bounce back faster and feel ready for another; he just comes immediately and then passes out.

Reading this, I realized that abstinence isn’t a kink for me in and of itself, just a means to an end – that end hopefully being more intense sex.  If The Pedant won’t be reduced to a begging, whimpering puddle by going without release for a few days, then meh.

He did say that edging has been fun for him in the past, so that’s on the menu.  RAWR.

In other news, I had a second date with The Mensch tonight and I am one smitten kitten. 😀

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