Variations on a theme

I love how different sex is with different people.

With Minx, my favourite position was probably doggie style.  It put his cock at a really pleasurable angle for me, left plenty of room for me get myself off, and let me really feel the wiry strength in his hips and abs when he thrust.  I liked missionary with him, too, for the full-body contact and, again, that sense of his mighty abdominals.  If you saw how slender and willowy he is you’d never guess how absolutely inexhaustible he was when thrusting – like a human piston.  So hot.

With The Pedant, though, I’ve tried missionary and doggie style and both were fun enough, I guess, but nothing special.  With him I like to be on top, grinding him down into the mattress.  From that position I can control the speed and depth of the thrusts, or even withdraw entirely and make him beg for more.  I can pin his wrists, or tease his nipples with my thumbs, or wrap my fingers around his jaw/throat and exert just enough pressure to let him know who’s boss.

But…I miss getting good doggie style.  And I’m curious what other positions could become favourites, and why.

So I definitely want to find other partners.

I’m meeting the Craigslist submissive tonight.  Wish me luck. 😀

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