The Pedant’s status on Facebook: “I’m going for a walk in [park right down the street from my apartment].  If you want to join, you know where to reach me.”  It’s like he’s trying to drive me insane…

He’s told me his ideal hangout frequency with me would be once every 2-3 weeks, and he was over less than a week ago.  Therefore, if I respond, I’ll look clingy.  But dammit I’m craving sex and kissing and snuggles and the best possible vehicle for these things is going to be within easy walking distance.  And announced it publicly.

He lives way the fuck out in the suburbs, btw.  He’ll be travelling for an hour to get to my neighbourhood for this walk.  In his defence, it’s a huuuuge park that many people travel to see.  I’m sure he’s genuinely just feeling like a walk there, and not just taunting me.

But it feels like I’m being taunted. 😦

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