Bah. Mismatch.

The Pedant has responded to my text saying that once every two or three weeks is ideal for him, hangout-wise.  This disappoints me because I’d like to see him more often than that – like once every week and a half or so.  And although I keep telling myself that everyone has their own pace and their own need for personal space, it’s hard to squash the little voice inside my head that’s telling me he must not like me all that much.

And is it just me, or is it contradictory for him to want our visits so widely spaced and yet hang around forever once he’s actually here?  Like, in my mind, either a person needs a lot of alone-time (which means keeping one’s time around other people somewhat brief and spacing those times out) or they don’t (which means frequent and/or long visits).  I consider myself a person who needs lots of alone-time, so although I was flattered when The Pedant debated staying over a second night last time, I wouldn’t have actually wanted him to.  It would’ve made me feel a tad claustrophobic.  

Meh, I’m just rationalizing.  I’d like to think he secretly likes me super-duper much and wants to see me as often as I want to see him…but he’s told me what he wants and I’m gonna go with that.

I should note, though, that The Pedant has been unemployed for the past few months.  So he does have a lot of free time.  If he were working all day and only had his evenings and weekends free, that would be a whole different thing.  But no, he has all damn day to laze around the house by himself until all his day-job friends get off work and wanna do stuff.  Whatever.  It’s fine.  I’m just in withdrawal from losing The Doll’s snuggles, I think.

Anyway.  I’m still glad The Pedant and I had this conversation because now I know what to expect from him.  If a couple of weeks go by without him mentioning that he’d like to hang out, it doesn’t mean anything’s up, it just means that’s his rhythm.  

*Mopey sigh.*

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