More texting with The Pedant

Me: Your new nickname shall be Moses.

The Pedant: …If you predict me founding a successful TV station and then selling out for a few extra dollars, then I shall take offence.

Me: I was going for a period sex joke, actually.*

The Pedant: Dude, that was not a sea.  That was not even a stream.

Me: I feel that my menstrual competence is in question here.  Next month I shall drench you in a mighty wave of chunky gore to prove my womanliness.**  ALL OF THE SIDES.  THE ENTIRE UTERUS.


(Apparently he had nothing to say to that.)

*I was, in fact, on my period when he was here yesterday.  So when we had sex he “parted the red sea,” ha ha.

**Seriously…I feel like the amount of semen a guy ejaculates is often thought of as a measure of how manly he is…why doesn’t it work like that for women and their menses?

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