More work…maybe.

Bloody hell – I missed a call from someone offering me posing work for Monday evening.  The opportunity is probably gone now but I left a message anyway saying I’d like to do it.

If by some miracle the shift is still free, it means I’ll be working two classes on Monday, in two  different parts of the city, practically back-to-back.  Like I’m not even positive I’ll have time to go home and eat in-between.  So it’ll be perhaps a bit stressful, but I need the money.  Plus this place whose call I missed is new to me – I’ve never worked for them.  So I’m eager to get in there and strut my stuff and hopefully develop an ongoing relationship.

In addition to possibly doing two classes instead of just one on Monday, I’ve got a whopping 6 hour class on Sunday and am doing a class on Tuesday morning.  Then one on Wednesday, but not til evening.  At any rate, the stretch from Sunday to Wednesday is gonna be really damn tiring.

But I have to power through it somehow.  I barely have anything for the rest of the month; I’ll rest then.

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