Two quick things.

1) One of the places I applied to last night has already contacted me back, asking if I’m free to come pose the week after next.  Oh, and also, their Craigslist ad was actually looking for models (not just advertising the fact that they held a life drawing class) and asked respondents to specify their rates.  The basic starting rate for models is around $17/hr; I said my rate is $20/hr.  And I guess the dude must be fine with that.*

2) Last night I texted The Pedant asking what the plan is for Friday.  He said “I come over at the earliest time that’s convenient for you and we go to a Mobilicity to get your phone switched over.”  When I said “come knocking at 4, then” he promptly responded “will do.”

I really, really love that it sounds like he’s keeping his whole day free so as to be available to me at whenever time I decree.  And I love that when I told him I need him to be more concrete with plans, and to initiate them more often, he seemed so eager to step up and improve himself to make me happy.  Because of this – and also because it’s the horndog month of my cycle – I want to fuck the everloving shit out of him.  Friday can’t get here fast enough.

*$20/hr isn’t an outrageous fee, mind you.  One or two other places I work pay that.  If I’d said $22/hr, that might have been pushing it.

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