I was blinded by The Pedant’s pretty apologetic words at first, but now that I’ve had more time to think about it, it strikes me that I emailed him to say that I dislike vagueness and value concrete plans, and he got back to me basically saying “I’ll be doing stuff all week but might be able to make time for you on the spur of the moment.  Just, like, text me whenever and we’ll see.”



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  1. Good for you! I love how it worked for you! *bounce*

    And don’t facepalm! Communication is not a one-step process where you say a thing, dust your hands, and consider it all done and dusted and everything just falls into line afterwards. That’s not how it works. It’s ongoing.

    He admitted the mistake, agreed to try and do better, and then *by the way*, “I have your phone, tell me when you’re free.”

    If you want something different, now is the time to be specific.

    “Hey, when I said ‘be less vague’, I meant… blahblah… so please [give me some times when you can do it and I’ll choose one]” ([or insert whatever it is you want him to do there]).

    *Show* him what you want and give him a chance to step up. He will blow it plenty of times, but if he is genuinely trying and making improvements, and you are consistent and clear, he will get there.


    • Oh, I know communication is ongoing. I was just hoping it wouldn’t have to be so damn continuous! Like…maybe I tell The Pedant what to do and he does it for a week or so before another issue arises? That’s all I want! 😛

      Good news, though: when I asked if we’re still on for Friday and said we could get this phone errand over with then, he said yes, we’re still on – and that he’ll look up the most convenient Mobilicity location and see how late it’s open.

      So he’s putting in effort, as requested – and I guess when he offered to “get me ported over sooner” he meant “sooner than Friday.” I can live with him offering vague extra plans in addition to concrete ones. I guess he’s just really eager to help me. 🙂

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