Say please.

Boy, I love fucking The Pedant.  Like…a lot.  It’s safe to say I’m no longer angry with him over postponing/being late yesterday. 🙂

When we first met up, I was feeling a little cranky and distant.  The Pedant did give the impression of being pretty harried and exhausted, which points to the job interview thing being legit (or maybe – the paranoid part of my brain interjects – he did invent the interview but whatever he was actually doing tired him out.  But I think he’s probably telling the truth).  He said he feels he did well in the interview but he’s not sure he’d want to work there because they were so disorganized (making him wait for a ridiculously long time, etc.).

Then he opened up his knapsack and took out something that turned out to be a cute, weird little art print – a friend of his was having a garage sale and he saw this piece of art there and thought I’d like it.  So that’s sweet. 🙂

At the movie theatre, he paid for my ticket and even offered to buy me some popcorn or something.  I said I didn’t need anything; he went to the concession stand anyway to look over their wares, and I popped over to the bathroom for a pre-movie pee break.  When I came back again he held up a 3-pack of Reese peanut butter cups and asked if they were safe for me to eat; I nodded enthusiastically. 😀

The theatre was practically deserted; there were maybe two other people in there, tops.  I guess 5pm on a Monday isn’t a popular time to see a movie (yay for unemployment and unconventional employment!).  I had not kissed The Pedant hello when we first met up because I was irritated at feeling strung along all afternoon; then my irritation cooled but we were in brightly lit public places/doing stuff/in the middle of talking/etc. so it didn’t seem like the time to initiate anything.  Once we’d settled into our seats for the movie, though, I finally decided to kiss him.

But I didn’t just plunk my lips onto his.  I like to use a bit of finesse, create a bit of anticipation.  So I leaned in – sliding my hand lightly over The Pedant’s cheek and onto the back of his head – and then stopped when our lips were almost-but-not-quite touching.  Some guys, when I do the HoverKiss<tm>, take it upon themselves to bridge the gap.  I don’t get along with guys like that; they’re ignoring my cues at best and being selfish and domineering at worst.  

The Pedant knows to let me set the pace, though.  When I began to lean in for the kiss he enthusiastically leaned in to meet me; when I stopped, he stopped too.  I hovered just long enough to feel his breathing hitch, eager, anticipating.  And then I just barely brushed my lips against his for a few seconds before gradually increasing the pressure.  HIs mouth parted slightly and I ran my tongue lightly along his upper lip, which made his breath hitch again (and my kegel muscles twitch involuntarily…).  I broke off lip contact then, not wanting to make too tacky of a public display, but slid my hand from his head to his neck, swirling my fingertips over a place I know he particularly likes.  And for a moment The Pedant was just…gone.  Eyes closed, lips parted, focusing entirely on my touch and making almost-inaudible moans.  Maybe it’s just my imagination but I feel as though his sexual response toward me is a lot more instant than it used to be, and a lot more unguarded.  Like the moment I touch him a switch flips somewhere and BAM – he’s just…helplessly mine.  It is the hottest fucking thing in the world.

The movie was Warm Bodies, by the way, and we both really liked it.  HIghly recommended.

Last time I saw a movie with The Pedant, his put his arm around me early on and kept it there pretty much the entire time…which was a sweet gesture, but we’re the same height so I can’t really lean on his shoulder that easily; I ended up all crunched up in a weird posture because I didn’t want to lift his arm off me and seem like I was rejecting him.  This time around, I preemptively put my arm around him, instead, and that’s how we stayed through the first hour or more of the movie until my arm began to fall asleep from the back of the seat pressing it. The Pedant even scootched down so he could put his head on my shoulder, which made me feel manly in a way that I particularly love.  And the entire time he was cuddled up to me, his hand was either on my knee or caressing my face.  D’awwwwww. 😀

Back at my place, The Pedant volunteered to salt the front steps and path for me, which was lovely.  Once we got inside, I went into the kitchen to fetch us some soup (I’d put all the ingredients in the slow cooker before I left the house) and when I came back into the living room The Pedant was naked.  I had not been expecting that (although I’d been hoping for it). 😀

We ate, and then we set our empty bowls aside and began to kiss (him entirely naked, me entirely clothed), and that was fun but I felt a need to be on top of him.  The moment I straddled him, he seemed to click over into his passive/helpless headspace.  There is a down side to this: he becomes so passive that he’ll just lie there receiving my attentions and not touch me in return.  He even stops kissing back – just opens his mouth to me (which, okay, was weird at first.  But now I think it’s hot.  Like he’s giving his mouth to me to do whatever I want with).

The thing is, though, I’m a reaction junkie and The Pedant is gloriously responsive, so that pretty much makes up for the one-sidedness of our interactions.  That night on my couch I teased his nipples with my fingers, lips, and tongue until he was practically sobbing – it was fucking incredible.  At some point during the proceedings he did drag himself back into coherence for long enough to take off my shirt and bra and caress my back for a while, and it felt wonderful, but honestly I think pushing his buttons and watching him gasp and moan turned me on more. 🙂

Eventually I was like “Okay, you need to be tied down.  Let’s go.”  I marched off to the bedroom and sat on my knees on the bed; he followed me and seemed like he was going to climb on top of me, but I took his shoulders, swivelled him, and shoved him down flat on his back against the pillows (he’s heavy and muscular and I could not genuinely have forced him into that, or any, position; luckily he saw what I was trying to and went with it).  Once again I was straddling him, once again I was teasing his nipples and cock and devouring his mouth with mine.

Then I fastened the restraints onto The Pedant’s wrists, clipped them to the corners of the headboard, put a condom on him and took a ride.  By that point he was pretty worked up, I guess; he was vocalizing a lot more than he usually has during sex.  I started teasing him by alternately thrusting down on him hard and fast and then withdrawing until he was almost all the way out and just holding still for a minute.  It worked beautifully on him; when I raised myself off him he’d whimper desperately and thrust upward with his hips, trying to get himself back inside me, but I kept shifting back so that he couldn’t…quite…do it.  At one point – deliberately kegeling on the very tip of his cock while he strained and keened in frustration – I said “say please…” and he did, in a tinier and more abject voice than I would have thought him capable of.  And I murmured “good boy” and slammed down around him, burying him to the hilt and making him howl.

After a little while of these sorts of games, I decided I really needed to get myself off.  At first I tried to do this while still astride The Pedant, leaning back slightly while applying the Hitatchi Magic Wand to my clit.  I can’t usually get off sitting up, but lately I’ve been practicing on my own, with pretty good results – alas, I “practiced” by straddling a pile of pillows, and The Pedant is much more distracting and insistently present than a pile of pillows, so things weren’t really working.  So instead I dismounted and lay propped up against the foot of the bed with my legs stretched out over his legs, and that worked – I came three times.

Then I climbed back aboard The Pedant and resumed fucking him.  And it is just ridiculous (sexily ridiculous) how strongly he reacts to anything kind of forceful or D/s-ish from me.  Leaning on his (already immobilized!) wrists seemed to rev his engines; pulling his hair or biting his lips provoked a storm of breathiness and moaning; lightly choking him was also clearly appreciated, and possibly even triggered his orgasm.  Because, oh yes, he did orgasm.  His whimpers changed in pitch and frequency at approximately the same time as my hand closed on his throat*, and he started pushing back urgently against my thrusts and getting louder and louder until POW.

It was…intense.

There’s more to tell but right  now I’m really tired.  And also extremely sore, pretty much everywhere.  More soon.


*Correlation or causation?  I’m not sure.


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2 responses to “Say please.

  1. marika grofno

    Being careful about not confusing correlation with cauzation? you are my favourite sexblogger ever. (well, also relationship etc, but this was a sex-post, so.) Also: good for you!

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