Making and breaking plans

The Pedant is perpetually late; we had plans to see a movie today, and just as I was about to leave to meet him I got a text message and I just knew it was The Pedant with an excuse.

And yeah.  He says he got called in to a job interview this morning and it’s running long, but he can meet me at 4pm instead of 2.

And…I hate to say it but I’m not sure I believe there’s really a job interview.  

Reasons why he might be lying:

  • I’ve told him how much I hate his constant lateness and how unimportant it makes me feel.  So if he slept in this morning by accident, do you really think he’s gonna tell me that?
  • Job interviews aren’t usually spur-of-the-moment.  He would have known about this for a while, and a sensible person would have rescheduled with me ages ago to make absolutely sure our plans could be met.  
  • He does not have the kind of career path where interviews would stretch out for hours.

Reasons why he might be telling the truth:

  • Well, he is unemployed and looking for work.
  • I could see him not telling me about an interview ahead of time because he figures even postponing might upset me a little bit, so he was desperately hoping things would wind up in time and he could make it to meet me without a hitch…but when it became clear that wouldn’t happen, he texted me.  As a perpetually late person myself, this is what I often end up doing.
  • He lives way the hell out in the suburbs and looks for jobs over a wide radius.  It may not be that the interview itself is taking so long; it may be that its location took him very very far from where I live and he’ll need an hour or two to get here.

I’m not going to ask him if he’s lying to me; there’s no point.  If he’s lying, he probably won’t admit it, but if he does admit it then it’ll open up a whole new can of worms that I don’t want to deal with.  I will tell him that in future, if something comes up that he has to do before he meets me, he should probably postpone our plans right away so I don’t have to go through this last-minute shit.  This is not the first time a job interview has caused him to run two hours late in meeting me.

At least he always manages to send his pathetic excuse-texts before I’ve actually left the house.  If I were ever waiting for him out in the world somewhere and got a “Sorry, I’ll be half an hour late” text from him, I would totally text him back telling him to forget the whole thing.  That is a grievous waste of my time.  But I don’t mind having extra time to lounge around the house, wounded pride notwithstanding.

I feel as though I’ve been the one initiating all the PedantTime lately.  After today I’m gonna back off and wait for him to come to me.  His constant lateness makes me feel like his backup plan and I want to know that he does in fact actively want to spend time with me.

In other news, I was Facebook messaging with The Doll last night – whom I haven’t seen in a week or so – and he was like “Are you free to get together sometime soon?  I’ve been missing you.”  D’awwwwww.  I love that he said he missed me.  

So we decided that The Doll would make me dinner at his place on Wednesday…while wearing his black latex minidress.  I haven’t told him this but I’m thinking of bringing over my harness and one of my dicks.  I want to see him on his knees sucking me off.  Especially in a latex minidress.

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