Annnnd now The Pedant has texted me to say he’ll be later still – 4:15ish instead of 4.

I’m pretty pissed now – maybe he actually did have a job interview and it did run long, but I hate the feeling of being dressed to go somewhere and then waiting around in limbo for someone.  HATE.  IT.

In retrospect I actually wish I’d called off this outing.  Apparently The Pedant was just leaving the interview site, and I know he has a transit pass…if I’d cancelled on him, he’d lose nothing but some pride.

I didn’t call it off, though – I guess because (as I said in the last entry) I wasn’t actually out somewhere waiting to meet him, I was just at home, which shouldn’t be a big deal.  But I”m realizing that it kind of is.

I did text The Pedant that the next time this situation happens, we should postpone til another day since obviously job interviews are too unpredictable to schedule things around.  So…I stood up for myself a little bit.

And to think, I was feeling like a lazy shithead for not tidying the apartment for The Pedant’s arrival.  I’m feeling pretty okay about the mess now, all things considered.  This is definitely not a boy I should take pains to impress.

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