My superpower is crushing cylindrical things into dust.

I’ve become vaguely curious about kegel exercisers – particularly in insertable ball form – so I was looking some stuff up.  There’s a particular set of weighted silicone balls that looks pretty cool – they go into a harness with a pull-string and you get two lighter balls and two heavier balls to mix-n-match.  That way you can start out light and then add a bit more weight as your internal muscles get more toned.

Well, the lighter balls in this thing are 28g each and the heavier ones are 37g, so the highest weight I could get to with them – using both of the heavier balls in the harness at once – would be 74g.  I have no real idea how heavy that is, but I do know that I can walk around and even do deep-knee-bends while wearing the Fun Factory Share double dildo without expending a lot of effort, and the Share weighs about a pound.

So in order to gauge whether these kegel balls would be the right difficulty level for me, I looked up how many grams are in a pound.  Apparently, it’s about 453.  My pelvic floor muscles can hold up to six times the weight of this particular set of exercisers. 

I know the kegel balls are probably meant to be worn all day long, and that this will increase the difficulty substantially.  But for whatever it’s worth, when I talk about successfully wearing the 1-pound Share dildo, I’m not talking about inserting it just long enough to go “Wheee!  No hands!” and then take it out again.  I’ve worn it for at least an hour at a time on several occasions, and once fucked Minx’s ass with it*.

There’s no real point to this post except to brag that apparently my vagina is super powered.

(Just let me have this one, folks.  I have so few physical/athletic things I can brag about…)


*I didn’t use a harness, but I did keep my legs closed because it did feel like there was potential for slippage otherwise.  Minx had the kind of tight little asshole that seems to yank on toys.  And in fact at one point his ass seized up so hard I couldn’t pull the Share out of him, and my vag seized up in panic so I couldn’t manage to get my end of it out of me, and for a few brief and painful moments we were stuck together like two idiots in a Chinese finger trap.



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8 responses to “My superpower is crushing cylindrical things into dust.

  1. “for a few brief and painful moments we were stuck together like two idiots in a Chinese finger trap”

    This made me laugh out loud, trying to imagine your face going ‘ohhhhh…shit!’. *laugh*


  2. Oh thank goodness I’m not the only horrible person out there. Bwahaha

    Now if only I could find a sex toy with the power to overcome depression/anxiety meds. Thanks for the vicarious shopping!

  3. Irene

    I don’t think most people wear the kegel balls all day long, but you’ve just reminded me that I need to start trying those again (I quit during my period and then forgot about them for a while). So far I can manage ONE of the lighter ones. Two just slip straight out. I think something wider might be easier to keep in, though.

    I kind of wish I had data on the pre-childbirth me, but oh well. (And no, if anyone’s wondering, C-sections don’t really help. Most of the changes in the pelvic floor happen due to pregnancy.)

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