Realdoe vs. Share: a brief comparison

My new Realdoe Slim was delivered today!  I’m wearing it as we speak!

Obviously I can’t give a proper review until I actually fuck someone with it, but I have to say, so far I like it.  The bulb end is smaller than the one on my Fun Factory Share (and I’m glad – The Share was always kind of a chore for me to get in) and it’s way easier to hold in place, probably because the Realdoe Slim weighs a quarter of a pound less than the Share.

The penis end of the Realdoe seems like a good girth for beginners to pegging, and it’s the same girth all the way down – it doesn’t get terrifyingly huge like the Share does.  I would say that the “insertable length” of the dick is closer to 5″ than the stated 6.5″ when I’m wearing it.  It remains to be seen whether this will be enough length to penetrate someone’s ass properly.  I think the Tantus people must have taken the “insertable length” measurement from the tip of the dick right to the U-bend, whereas in real life when this thing is being worn I can’t penetrate someone all the way to the U-bend because my vulva is already occupying that space.  It would be 6.5″ if I were just grasping the bulb in my hand like a handle, though. 

The Realdoe Slim sproings up at a nice, natural angle when I wear it, whereas the Share’s U-bend tends to fall open so the penis hangs down a bit.  Not sure if the material of the Realdoe is sturdier or if it’s just that the weight of the Share pulls it down.  Probably the latter.

I feel like maybe the Realdoe doesn’t cradle my clitoral region as nicely as the Share does.  I’ve gotten off before by essentially “jerking off” the Share while I wore it, and I’m kinda-sorta trying to do that with the Realdoe as I type this and…meh.  The actual “sweet spot” for me isn’t the tip of my clit, it’s a bit further up the shaft – and the Realdoe doesn’t make contact with my body in that spot unless I deliberately bend it upward.  Mind you I’m also not exactly concentrating that hard on getting off right now so maybe that’s what’s stopping me.

The vibrating bullet definitely makes the Realdoe more fun for me, but more power would be nice.  Also I think this particular bullet might be defective.  First it kept shutting off randomly and now it WON’T shut off unless I completely unscrew the top.

I can’t wait to use the Realdoe with someone!  But Link isn’t visiting for months, and I’m not sure I want to be so intimate with The Doll just yet…I wonder if The Pedant could be convinced?  😀

I also can’t wait to get the other cock I ordered (which I’m guessing will get here on Monday).  It will be, I believe, the biggest one in my collection…and I totally wanna strap it on, make a boy kneel in front of me, and then flick it so it slaps him in the face.  I can already hear and feel the good solid clonk it would make on impact.  

Yeah, my fantasies are weird.  I’m okay with that.



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3 responses to “Realdoe vs. Share: a brief comparison

  1. Jos Q.

    I’ve ordered the RealDoe for Valentine’s Day. I’m hopeful my wife will enjoy using it, and go a bit dominatrix and make me suck her !

  2. Shaved

    My gf just got the realdoe. We love it. I love it. I love taking it in my mouth and giving her a blow job until she cums. It is big enough for Anal penetration I’ll tell you that much. Lol. Wish I was where u are….I’d let you try it out on me…:0. I’m a straight guy. No interest in men at all and I don’t find them attractive. But I do like taking this thing up the ass and it sucking on it. The gf loves to watch me give head so it’s a win win for both of us. It was a bit larger in girth then I’m used too. But eventually she made made me enjoy every damn second of it as I was straddled over her riding her

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