Well, after years of hungrily eyeballing the Aslan Jaguar Harness at my local sex shop, I finally took the plunge and got one today.  

It may seem kinda whackadoo to spend a hundred bucks on a harness when I barely use the one I already have, but see, I don’t use the one I have because it sucks.  It was one of those cheap, basic ones that seems to be made from old nylon dog leashes.  Somehow, when left in my bedside drawer, it would tangle itself worse than a string of Christmas lights and when the time came for some pegging I’d have to spend ten minutes sorting out the harness and figuring out which end was up.  In use, the leg straps constantly worked themselves loose and had to be pulled tight again, and the rough edges of the straps would rub against my hipbones and leave welts.  Looks-wise, it was not a particularly attractive piece of equipment: nylon dog-leash material is not especially sexy, and the velvet triangle where the dildo attached would tend to bunch up weirdly instead of staying smoothly across my crotch.

The Jaguar, by contrast, feels good and looks amazing and doesn’t seem prone to slackening in the heat of the moment – at least from what I could tell by trying it on over my pants and tugging on it a whole bunch.  My one concern is that dildos tend to hang off it at a slightly downward trajectory, which could make penetration awkward…but I think this would happen with any harness.  The only way a relatively straight dildo could stick out perpendicular to my body is if the dildo were lightweight (hollow?) and anchored to the harness weirdly high – like coming out of my lower stomach instead of my crotch.

So yeah.  Now I have everything I need to fuck the hell out of some boy’s ass.  I just need to find/decide on someone to be my first test subject.

And this – I really think – finally ends the sex toy shopping spree.  For now.


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3 responses to “OMG HARNESS!

  1. Just A Slut

    Ok I’m not big on pegging but you make it sound fun.

  2. Vices

    I’m pretty seriously thinking about splurging some of my tax return on some sex toys. I already have a harness I’m okay with (yay sportsheets) but I want to get some impact toys. A couple of canes, floggers, and maybe a spreader bar. Hngh.

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