More Realdoe rambling.

It suddenly occurs to me that toys like the Realdoe and the Share work way better for solo play than other kinds of insertables do, for me.  I don’t usually crave penetration to go with my wanking, but when I do, it’s really g-spot stimulation I want – and pulling upward on the cock end of the Realdoe is about a thousand times better for that than sliding something phallic in and out of me.  Plus the angle is easier on my wrist(s).

Y’know what would be awesome?  A female masturbation toy that was basically like the Realdoe without the penis – just the bulb-end and the crotch-cradling part.  Then I could insert the bulb and rock my hand against the “cradle”, simultaneously stimulating my insides and my outsides.  Why is there nothing like this on the market?

In other news, I ended up wearing the Realdoe around the house for like two hours or more.  I found myself really enjoying the weight and feel of it inside me – I only took it out because the penis was getting in the way of laptopping, cooking, etc.  I’ve never been interested in ben-wa balls before, but I’m starting to wonder if I might like them: all the internal weight and clenching, none of the constant making-sure-my-protruding-dick-doesn’t-smack-into-things-or-get-burned-on-the-stove.

Hmmmm. 🙂


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7 responses to “More Realdoe rambling.

  1. Just A Slut

    LMFAO!!! Why oh why did you have to post this while my husband is cooking soup?! I choked myself laughing because I couldn’t help but picture a doctors expression when a man was explaining how he burnt his “protruding cock on the stove” lmao. LOVED IT!

  2. Just A Slut

    My husband is generally dressed when he makes soup…spegheti Os however….lmao

  3. Hello, I’m a lurker on this blog, but I think I may have seen a sex toy exactly like that!

  4. Moz (is brief on his phone)

    There are a few toys specifically mad with that in mind. No good for pegging but for rubbing a g spot. Dangerous lily sex toy reviewer talks about them. Hth

  5. Moz's House

    OK, on something with a proper browser now, this is one review where she talks about different options:

    I suggest reading her reviews, coz she does seem quite happy to give honest feedback… has saved us a few dollars a couple of times.

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