A small ode to The Pedant.

The Pedant bought my old laptop off me; we’d agreed on $80 plus he’ll give me his old Blackberry phone (once it comes back from being repaired) and help me switch to a different, cheaper provider.  He gave me the cash when he was over the other day, and I stashed it away without counting it because I never know whether counting money is rude when dealing with a friend.  My not-counting must have driven The Pedant crazy because it turns out he’d given me $100 instead, just to be nice.  He told me via text message earlier today, presumably once it became clear that I wasn’t gonna notice on my own.

I thanked him and added “p.s., falling asleep to cartoons while being petted was the BEST THING EVER.  I’m so glad you came over!”

He responded “My pleasure. :)” and I’m still smiling about that because I don’t think it’s just a figure of speech, with him.  I think he really does derive pleasure from giving pleasure to me.

I am becoming so very fond of this boy. 🙂


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2 responses to “A small ode to The Pedant.

  1. Vices

    That’s really sweet! I’m glad the Pedant is making you happy. It seems like service works well for him – have you noticed that as a trend? I’m not sure it’s a kink thing. Some guys like performing service for the women in their lives.

    • I’m assuming “acts of service” are how he expresses affection for people, and not a kink for him per se.

      Perhaps there’s a bit of low self-esteem mixed in there, too – a need to prove to himself that he’s good in bed or to feel knowledgeable by explaining stuff to me.

      Whatever it is, it’s working for me. Big time. 😀

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