*Fingers crossed*

I found an ad on Craigslist from an (alleged) artist seeking models.  The stated hourly wage is $5 higher than my best-paying jobs to date, which (in conjunction with the fact that they want someone to pose in their house, not at a school) makes me wonder if this is legit.

Well, what the hell.  I responded anyway (through the email account that isn’t affiliated with my real name).  The ad says the artist can provide references (I…don’t even know if that makes them seem more legit, or less.  As the employee in this scenario, shouldn’t be the one who has to prove themselves?) and I can always insist on bringing a friend with me the first time or two.  

If the person even wants to hire me, which they may not.


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3 responses to “*Fingers crossed*

  1. I’d expect some hidden cameras and/or an artist with an erection. Be sure to take a friend.

  2. Just A Slut

    This sounds scarey. Get your money up front and take a HUGE male friend. Tell the artist you are bringing a friend for safety reasons. If this is a problem. AVOID it. I did some amature photography modeling as a young adult. BE CAREFUL. These things can get ugly.

  3. I’d volunteer The Lumberjack to act as your bodyguard, but as he is more paranoid than both you and I put together, he might not be the most reassuring presence. Let me know if you need backup though! 🙂

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