Everyone has herpes but me. X(

Awww goddammit.  The Pedant is coming over tonight but now he has a cold sore that precludes kissing.  Well, what he actually said was “it’s probably best if we don’t play”…which kind of makes me want to ask “Well, can’t we just fuck without kissing?” because I really really wanna get laid right now.  But I feel like asking him that might seem pushy – he’s said “no play” so I probably shouldn’t pick away at that statement.  I’ve resigned myself to watching DVDs with him instead.



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2 responses to “Everyone has herpes but me. X(

  1. Just A Slut

    OH NO! That’s rotten luck. But that’s why there are vibrators 😉 and besides movies can be extremely intimate too. Try to have fun anyway and carmax and neosporine get rid of a cold sore the fastest!


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