I feel like I keep spending money on frivolous things lately.  I really shouldn’t – I’m mostly living off my savings right now, so every dollar spent on fun stuff now is a dollar I don’t have for groceries further down the line.  I think I’m actually doing all this spending because I’m living off my savings; I wanna indulge while I still can, in case I end up grindingly poor for a really long time.

Anyway, today’s frivolous purchases were two pairs of cheap, trashy panties for gentleman callers to wear for my amusement and a pair of heels which (against all odds) is actually for me.

The shoes are for work – kind of.  It has occurred to me that my career in costumed figure modelling is somewhat hampered by the fact that all my footwear is big, clunky, and unisex.  I’ve got a total femme fatale figure and I want to be able to do more “girlie” costumes sometimes.

Also, my city has at least one organization that holds “foot parties” – imagine a strip club, sort of, except the VIP rooms are for 15-minute  toe-sucking/foot massaging/etc. sessions instead of lap dances.  So basically a bunch of chicks hang around in some bar, and a bunch of foot fetishist guys are there too, and if someone likes you he’ll pay you $20 to go into a room and do stuff to your feet for 15 minutes (and I think each girl gets paid a base fee of $60 or so by the organizers just for being there).  I’ll admit I have some reservations about going into sex work, but I crunched some numbers and it seems that if I did this and was popular/good at it/etc. I could probably make around $500 in a single evening.  And at 6′ tall with long legs and size 12 feet, I’ve got assets that you can’t find just anywhere.

I haven’t applied to take part in any foot parties yet (and maybe they’d turn me down if I did) but at least now if I choose to do so I’ll have something to wear.

The shoes themselves – just in case you care – are black satin with ankle straps and open toes.  The heel on them is maybe 2″ – it seems like I can walk in them fairly comfortably.  They’re from a cheap store and probably really shoddily made, but I’ll probably wear them three times ever, and they only cost $20, so there you go.

Other possibly ill-advised purchases I’ve made lately include thigh-high stripey socks (again for boys to wear), various food items (ice cream bars, a wheel of brie), and yummy bath stuff.


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4 responses to “OMG SHOPPING

  1. marika grofno

    In other words, even with no guys into your feet, getting in a n event and being paid for being there, minus the price of the shoes -> 40$ profit.

  2. You’re allowed to treat yourself a little, and it does sound like you’ve only done a little. Don’t treat yourself that way, you’re sorta being the person in line at the grocery store that’s critiquing everything the person has bought with food stamps. It’s not right.

    • Yeah. My parents were super-cheap when I was growing up and I”m still trying to get their stupid voices out of my head…thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to spend money sometimes. ❤

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