Things with The Pedant are a go.  I guess his cold got better.

Oddly, he said something on the phone about getting to the club early to see all the bands.  The event page on Facebook says nothing about live bands – just a DJ (which is what I want).  So now I’m wondering whether he’s mistaken about the nature of this event and would not want to go to what it actually is.

Meh, we’ll see.  I recruited my friend The Social Worker to come out with me so I could get my groove on whether The Pedant showed up or not.  The awkward part will be if The Pedant realizes this is just a synthpop night and doesn’t want to go, but The Social Worker and I still do.  Or if it does in fact turn out to be live bands, somehow – which my friend and I will most likely not be into.  Which means we’ll have to go our separate ways and The Pedant might not end up coming over for sexing, I guess.

I’m actually not sure which I need more: sexual attention or a night of dancing.  As long as I get at least one of those things, I’ll consider it a good night!  😀

Need to get ready now.

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