Some gossip you won’t care about.

I had dinner with my friend Red last night, and she told me a bit more about that night of debauchery I missed.  This would be the get-together at Red’s house in which a bunch of guests – including Minx – ended up giving The Renaissance Man lap dances, and ultimately TRM made out with Minx’s roommate.

Anyhoo, it seems Renaissance Goddess (whom Minx once debated exercising his “outside makeouts” privileges with, but changed his mind because she’s so sad and needy) was at this party,* and she has a crush on The Renaissance Man.  And not only did The Renaissance Man end up making out with someone else at the party, he did so lying across RG’s legs (until Red told them to move to the floor).  This all left RG in an even sadder and needier mood than usual.

If I have the story right, a few partygoers ended up crashing at Red’s place that night, including RG and Minx.  RG ended up coming into the bedroom in tears to ask Red “Why doesn’t anyone like me?!” – it seems Minx had been giving her a shoulder rub to try to comfort her over all the upsetting stuff that had gone down, but when she went to massage him in return, he recoiled from her.  So between that and The Renaissance Man basically using her as sex furniture earlier in the evening, she was feeling really rejected.

But here’s the thing: when Red asked Minx about it the next day, Minx said it wasn’t a shoulder rub that put him off.  What had actually happened was that Minx was massaging RG, who then turned to him, crying, and made a grab for his junk.  That’s what Minx recoiled from, and I can’t say I blame him**!

I kind of want to slap RG for behaving the way she did.  Not because the target of her fucked-up affections was Minx (he’s not mine anymore) but because she’s shooting herself in the foot.  In seeking attention so indiscriminately, she’s going to turn off anyone decent who might like her – because the only person who’d fuck someone who was crying and going “I just want someone to like meeeeee!” is the kind of person who just wants to get laid.  People who want an actual caring connection with someone tend to want that person to like them, specifically.

And quite frankly I hate RG’s needy doormat behaviour double because it reminds me of me when I was younger.  I don’t like younger-me.  That chick had issues.

Anyway, there was no doubt in my mind that Minx would run away from some chick who randomly pawed his junk, but it was still good to have Red confirm it.  …Well, I suppose there was a tiny sliver of doubt…Minx has never taken much time in between relationships/fuckbuddies/etc., and I think he really needs to – especially since our relationship was by far his longest and most significant one.  And allegedly he has announced that he’s going to be alone for a while and get his bearings, but like I said, he never really did that before (I happened eight weeks after he dumped his previous girl, and he’d had dates and sex with one or two people in-between!) and the lure of the Rebound Thing can be very strong indeed.  And considering the junk-pawing came from someone Minx had previously felt attracted to and considered dating……….

Well.  I’m just glad he handled it the way he did.

And no, my motives for gladness aren’t entirely altruistic: when Red first told me this story, I did feel a flare of jealousy.  But I reminded myself that I don’t actually want to have sex with Minx anymore – we really weren’t very compatible with the bedroom stuff, and in particular his huge penis was a source of pain and consternation for me.  If someone else wants his big dick, let ’em have it.  I don’t want it.  That line of thinking helped me feel a bit better.

But I still miss Minx’s kisses, and having access to touch and ogle his hot body, and the way he seemed to fit perfectly in my arms…it would hurt to know that someone else was getting those things instead of me.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, he put me through a lot and I kind of want him to suffer – to sit in the corner and THINK ABOUT WHAT HE DID (*scolding finger-wag*).  And he clearly can’t be dwelling on how badly he fucked up with me if he’s busy bangin’ someone new.  So there’s that.

Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Minx stays the course and is single for a good long time.  He truly does need it, and – for entirely selfish reasons – I need it, too.  Win-win.


*And I totally didn’t realize until now that I gave two of my acquaintances nicknames with “renaissance” in them…

**I wouldn’t blame him if he’d pulled back from just a massage, either, mind you.  Needy people make everything awkward.


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4 responses to “Some gossip you won’t care about.

  1. Moz like a good double standard

    the target of her fucked-up affections

    You misspelled “sexual assault”. HTH.

    • Ohhhhh shit. I totally did. Thank you for pointing that out – I know, intellectually, that women can commit sexual assault and rape, but my gut feelings are still catching up and so I misspoke.

      • Moz (is brief on his phone)

        Thanks for the apology, I appreciate it.

        Especially Minx. I can imagine him freaking later once he has time to think about it. Or not.

  2. Just A Slut

    Ok I stumbled onto this blog but I am in love already. First I hear about some gossip. Then there is a lame chick who leaves her big girls panties at home and has more issues then Sports Illustrated. But finally a dude runs away from being sexually harrased by girl with issues!

    Well now I have read everything.

    But seriously, someone should really tell the girl with issues that nothing good ever comes from pity sex. Seriously. Worst mistake EVER. And she is basicly setting herself up for it.

    Just saying…

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