Another Doll hurdle surmounted!

The latest instalment of The Nonmonogamy Talk with The Doll was a lot briefer and less scary than I expected.  I was like “So hey, if we’re heading in a physically intimate direction – and it seems like we are – you should probably know that I’m sleeping with the other boy I’m seeing.  If you’re not comfortable having intercourse with someone who has another partner, I can totally work with that; we’ll just do other stuff.  But full access to you would certainly be nice.”

The Doll pondered for a few seconds and replied, “I don’t think I’m uncomfortable with that.  I mean, as long as you’re always using condoms…” and I assured him that I always do.  And that was pretty much it for the big reveal.  His tone was totally matter-of-fact and he didn’t seem jealous or anything.

I asked him if he has anyone else he plays with, and he said not at the moment – his potential playmates all live in other cities so he doesn’t get to see them much.  He said he could probably meet people easily enough if he changed his FetLife profile to say he was in a poly relationship and looking for fellow latex lovers to play with, though.  I ignored his use of the word “relationship” (which made me cringe a teeny bit) and said that I totally want him to have latex playtime with other rubberists (and maybe even watch, if the other people are hot) because I’m frankly not ever going to wear a full latex catsuit and I know he’s really into that – and dammit, I want him to have it.  I said that I’ve never really been in a position of dating someone who’s seeing other people, so I might feel jealous or weird sometimes, but I think I’m pretty good at handling those feelings and I’m confident we can get through it.  He said he really likes the idea of being able to see multiple people at once.  So that’s cool.

This conversation happened over dinner at his place, after I took some fetishy photos of him and dommed him a whole bunch.  After dinner, more sexy D/s contact happened.  But I think I’ll save those stories for another day. 🙂


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2 responses to “Another Doll hurdle surmounted!

  1. Fnord

    First of all, yay!

    Second of all, condoms are, of course, important. But, at least in my community, conventional wisdom holds that if you’re sexually active with multiple people, regular STD screenings are wise even if you always use condoms, although I don’t know to what extent that conventional wisdom reflects a real medical risk.

    • Yeah…I know there are at least a couple of bugs that can be transmitted even with condom use. Plus there are other kinds of sexual contact that could be an issue, like if fingers with a cut on them are in someone’s orifices.

      The Ethical Slut recommends using dams/gloves/barriers for any genital contact, but I’m not sure I’ll do that – I want to read up on the various risk factors first and weigh the pros and cons. I’m tentatively thinking that genital stimulation (external, by hands with unbroken/uncut skin) and cunnilingus (from someone who doesn’t currently have any cold sores) don’t really need barriers, but I may revise this opinion.

      I’m gonna try to get tested for stuff more often, too (I say “try” because my social anxiety makes calling for doctor appointments pretty difficult).

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