Boys, friends, and clothes.

In addition to my sporadically seeing The Pedant and The Doll, The Hedonist is still in play (as far as I know).  Also, my American friend Link will be in my city in June and wants me to fuck his ass a whole lot.  And an exceptionally cute boy I used to spank (literally just play out spanking scenes, no sex) has recently become single and would like to “catch up” with me sometime.  Even when he was with his girlfriend, he told me I was one of the best spankers he’d ever had and invited me to come play with both of them (I declined out of performance anxiety), so I’m certain his offer to “catch up” is not strictly platonic.  Whether I’ll spank him again, I don’t know – our old arrangement was somewhat unfulfilling for me, since there were no makeouts and I was topping rather than dominating him – but I’m thinking about it.  He has a great ass and is gifted at acting like a pouty adolescent who’s been very very bad, so…yeah.

And I’m still platonically cuddling The Latent Heterosexual from time to time.I don’t guess my luck with the boys will hold out for long – typically, no matter how bounteous my options seem, shit happens that rules each guy out one by one until I’m back to zero – but right now I feel like I have access to hot and cold running dick.  And because I’m now openly nonmonogamous, I don’t have to feel guilty or try to narrow it down to one guy!  I do have some fears that The Doll will get freaked out and bail when he realizes I’ve been fucking The Pedant (and I will tell The Doll that I’m sexing someone else, at least before sleeping with him – informed consent is important!) but we’ll see.

In other news, I’ve recently taken advantage of Boxing Day sales to buy myself new clothes for the first time in ages.  I got:

-A pair of black jeans

-A pair of hot pink jeans (on which I tentatively plan to paint black stripes) (stripey pants are a goth staple that I’ve always loved, but tend to cost upwards of $100).

-A transparent pink-and-black tigerstripe tank top (to wear clubbing)

-A hot pink hooded sweatshirt

-A pair of sweatpants to wear to modelling gigs – they have pockets that close with velcro so my keys will stay secure even when the pants are flung on the floor and picked up again multiple times.

-A strappy little purple dress with a lacy bodice (technically a chemise, but I’m reinventing it as clubwear).  Should look good with fishnets and stompy boots.

-A pair of metallic silver leggings – they were only $10 and I think they’ll appeal to The Doll’s plastic/latex fetish (I don’t usually like to be a guy’s object of desire – I bristle when asked to wear lingerie, for example – but The Doll is so willing to be my eye candy that I don’t much mind returning the favour.  Maybe.  Eventually.  And now I have the means to do it).

It’s nice having new things.  My two old standby pairs of jeans are getting threadbare in the crotch from where my thighs rub together, and I’ve also been feeling kind of frumpy lately and (as always when I’ve just broken up with someone) wanting to change up my look a bit.  I’ve also got a new hairdo, courtesy of The Latent Heterosexual (who kindly shaved the parts of my head that I indicated).  The Pedant has volunteered to re-shave the shaved bits when it’s time, and claims he can teach me to do it myself by feel.

So, all this plus I’ve been having lots of outings with my wonderful friends lately.

I feel blessed.

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