Details of the second Pedant fuckfest

Gotta try to make this brief ’cause I’m posing tomorrow morning, but I want to get some things down for posterity.

The Pedant called me last night.  He doesn’t usually do this, so I picked up the phone thinking he had an actual thing to tell me.  But no, he just rambled on about his day and stuff.  Until I made an offhanded remark about it being cold in my apartment and he promptly offered to come over for the night and keep me warm, which is perhaps the real reason why he called.

He showed up bearing chocolate – good quality chocolate, whose ingredient listing he’d remembered to check for gluten free-ness.  He’d actually been out and about when he called me, having pulled an all-nighter the night before and then grabbed a few hours’ sleep at a friend’s place.  He’d warned me ahead of time that he’d want to shower the moment he arrived, and so he did.  I lounged on the bed and surfed the ‘net on my laptop and when The Pedant had finished his shower, he surprised me by walking (a wee bit shyly, it seemed to me) into the bedroom naked.  Somehow he managed to kiss me while maneuvering the two of us into a lying-down-next-to-each-other configuration, although I quickly got on top.  He was all warm and damp and clean and he smelled good.

I spent a long time – like, minimum two hours – trying to make him orgasm.  I know I climaxed in there somewhere, too (and he clamped his hand over my mouth just as I started to howl, which was unexpected but kind of interesting), but mostly it was all about The Pedant.  There was a whole lot of intercourse (mostly with me on top, and at one point he amused me by thinking my deliberate kegels were an orgasm*) and then a whole goddamn lot of hand job (during which he asked me to tie him up again…RAWR).  What finally got him over the edge was my Hitachi Magic Wand, applied to his frenulum.  I’d always heard that some guys can get off using vibrators, but I’d never met one before.  So now I have a Pedant Orgasm Shortcut I can use for next time.

Sleeping next to The Pedant was not as restful as I’d anticipated.  It was nice to be snuggled, but the snuggle-chemistry didn’t quite work as well as it had the first night; there was always something off-kilter, my head propped up on his arm at an awkward angle or his other arm feeling like a fallen tree trunk I was trapped under or his face doing weird sleep-twitchies against my shoulder.  I slept fitfully, but apparently The Pedant slept very well.  He said lately he only sleeps about four hours at a stretch, but last night he slept a solid eight hours straight through.  I like thinking it was my companionship that did this, although who the hell knows.

Then: more cuddling leading to more makeouts leading to more hand job leading to me asking if he wanted to fuck.  The Pedant is rarely clear when I ask him questions during sexytimes.  I think when he’s turned on he maybe loses his capacity for speech worse than I do.  There were a few times this visit where I asked him questions (“Do you like the feel of a vibrator?” “Do you want me to keep doing this, or do something else?***” etc.) where he kind of hummed noncommittally.  But when I got out a condom he didn’t object.

So, another long session of sex, but  no Pedantgasm.  After a while The Pedant abruptly flipped me over on my back and started pleasuring me instead, using the Hitachi on my clit and two fingers inside me massaging my g-spot.  It felt good, but the Hitachi was not in quite the right place to make me orgasm (or I should say, not in the optimal place that makes me orgasm right away) so it took me a while to come.  But what The Pedant was doing did feel really good, and in light of everything he’s put me through for his orgasm I decided “fuck it” and let him keep going instead of adjusting his technique to make things go faster.  And the long buildup meant that when I finally orgasmed, it was tremendous.  I screamed and thrashed and growled and when it was done I sat up (he was kneeling between my legs) and kind of threw myself at him, clutching and biting and kissing him.  He looked disheveled and beautiful and I just wanted to ravage him – tear him apart and eat him up.  He’s never expressed an interest in masochism though so I held back…mostly.  On a side note, I really would’ve expected his expression in that moment to be smug and self-congratulatory but instead he seemed awestruck – like the same storm had passed through us both.  It was hot, and it made me feel really close to him.

He may not be a masochist, but it’s looking like The Pedant is quite the bottom.  Maybe even a bit submissive.  Any time that I was riding him and his moans began to escalate, he’d put his hands up by his head as though they were tied to the headboard – it seems like being restrained that way is a key part of sex for him.  And when he was on top, I’d occasionally give his ass a little slap and it always made him gasp and moan.  It’s intriguing and I plan to investigate further.

Oh, also, after I’d stopped being all post-orgasmically feral and shit, The Pedant went “…Is one of us bleeding?” and pointed to a tiny streak of blood on my wrist.  Turns out his ministrations had shaken my period loose (I hadn’t been expecting it for another couple of days, but vigorous penetration seems to make me bleed sooner/harder).  The Pedant’s fingers and (to a lesser extent) the Hitachi were a gorefest.  I was like “Argh, sorry, if I’d known there was a chance I’d menstruate all over you I would’ve given you a heads up” but he didn’t seem fazed at all.  Probably not the safest sex practice, though, considering he hadn’t been wearing a glove.

Eventually, we climbed out of bed long enough for me to make us some food.  To my everlasting gratefulness, The Pedant turned out to have some of the same atypical eating habits that I do.  I’m really self-conscious about feeding people in my apartment because my diet is (by most people’s standards) really idiosyncratic, but he was fine with unadorned slow-cooked chicken legs quarters and a salad with no dressing.  Like me, he doesn’t even bother with condiments most of the time.  He ate everything on his plate.

As we ate (me in my plush bathrobe, him naked so as not to get cat hair all over his clothes), he offered to do a whole bunch of things for me.  Like, his cell phone provider periodically has a deal that’s better than what I’m getting, but if I switched I’d have to get a SmartPhone; The Pedant offered to give me his old Blackberry and help me make the switch.  He’s also offered to fix my various and sundry dying laptops (as best he can, anyway) and help me sell them if I want and/or give me money to take them off my hands.  Acts of Service are one of my primary love languages so this, plus the chocolate, plus the orgasms, was all endearing him to me quite a bit.

The Pedant is not gushy with his words by any means, and he has a somewhat annoying habit of talking about other chicks he has the hots for, but I’m beginning to realize that he likes me.  If you think of someone purely as a fuckbuddy, you probably don’t snuggle them all night or offer to help them with a bunch of technological stuff.

This is…really nice. 🙂

*It’s not that I think guys are pathetic or funny for not knowing when a woman has come – I know it can be hard to tell sometimes.  It’s that The Pedant had already seen me come five or six times and I shrieked my head off every time (my orgasms are really distinct.  You’d know), whereas during the sex I was mostly silent and not doing the erratic breathing thing or anything.  Also, I wasn’t getting any clitoral stimulation and I’d friggin’ told him that I don’t have g-spot orgasms.  Alsoalso, the smug bastard way he said “You just had an orgasm, didn’t you?” made me viciously happy to tell him he was mistaken.  He’s a pretty fun boy but he has definite smugness issues.

**During which I asked “You wanna take over for a bit?” and he shook his head – good thing I was asking because I hoped to see his technique and not because my arm was about to give out…

***I honestly did not get a vibe that The Pedant was in particularly desperate need to get off.  Maybe his noncommittal answer to my question actually meant “Yeah, let’s watch tv for a while” and I misread him, or (and I think this is more likely) he had it in his head that his orgasm was expected and he needed to come in order to prove his manliness, or…something.

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