When naked, freshly-showered Pedant stepped lightly and tentatively into my bedroom the other day, I flashed back to a passage from one of my favourite books, A Home at the End of the World.  Here it is:

[Bobby’s] ass was larger than the ideal, but shapely.  If the word “Rubenesque” applied to men, it would be perfect for Bobby.  His flesh was ample but proportionate, like those old pink-and-white beauties cavorting in dusky glades.  There was something maidenly about his reticence, though he wasn’t feminine in the least.  He might have been a stag.  A precise tiny-hoofed creature, shy but not delicate.

(Seriously, you have to read that book.  It’s so gorgeous.)

I have to say, I’m really enjoying The Pedant’s body.  He’s way different from my normal “type” (which I suppose would be loosely summed up as “hairless, skeletal twink”) but I guess because I’m attracted to him face- and personality- wise, his body is starting to grow on me, too.

It’s sort of like the difference between dogs and cats.  Dogs are pretty rough-and-tumble – you can smack ’em around a bit when you’re playing with them and they’ll bounce right back, grinning.  Cats, by contrast, seem kind of fragile and bendy and slippery; you can’t play with them the same way.

The Pedant is a dog – perhaps an overweight lab mix whose body has become a solid cylinder of meat.  I make this comparison because, like certain types of fat dog, The Pedant lacks muscle definition but he isn’t particularly squishy/flabby, either – his flesh is dense, like his skin is stuffed fuller than other people’s.  When I try to bite him, my teeth skid because there’s no slack there; no pinchable skin.  I believe I’ve already expounded on the subject of his glorious round ass.

I like the functionality of his muscles as much as their resilient texture under my hands/mouth/teeth: he’s tossed me around on the bed with relative ease and his hands never seem to tire when he’s giving me a massage.  When he’s administering a hand job, he spoons up to the side of me with his bottom arm wrapped around my shoulders, hugging me closer and harder the more aroused I become, and I feel like his body is a secure cage around me and I’m in the centre, floating.

The Doll, by contrast, is so thin that in some of his FetLife photos where he’s wearing skintight latex, his head looks like it’s been photoshopped on.  Every muscle in his arms is sharply visible, even though none of them is especially large.  He is sadly lacking in the abdominal department but nonetheless his waist is tiny and something about his leanness and prominent hipbones reminds me of a Calvin Klein model from the days of “heroin chic” – despite The Doll being a 37 year old nerd with a desk job.  There’s just something inherently elegant to me about his particular brand of lankiness.  I’m going over to his place tomorrow to take pictures of him in latex and I’m very much looking forward to draping him insouciantly over various pieces of furniture.  He is very much a cat – or possibly a greyhound.

If his foot massages are anything to go by, The Doll is much weaker physically than The Pedant, at least in his hands.  This might be a disadvantage if our relationship gets to the “giving me handjobs” level, but is somewhat of an advantage when I’m being rough with him – he’s not necessarily pretending that I’m scary and could overpower him. 😀

To be honest, right now I’m still so filled with post-coital happies from The Pedant that my lust for The Doll is being somewhat overshadowed…plus I’m still feeling a teeny bit fragile from the recent bit of drama where I suspected The Doll might be doing a breakup-by-avoidance…but I would imagine once I go over to The Doll’s place and start snapping pictures (and yeah, probably aggressively making out with him) I’ll recall his appeal sharply enough.

This is, I think, the first time I’ve been seeing a couple of people concurrently, neither of them is a “primary” partner to me, and I don’t feel like I have to choose between them.  It’ll be interesting to see what that feels like.

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