A few times now during makeouts with The Doll I have surreptitiously eyeballed his crotch, trying to ascertain the size of his package* (I think his penis is probably normal-sized, based on FetLife photos of him in snug latex, but that’s flaccid – who knows what happens when the beast awakes).  But I can’t see anything!  Either he’s pitching a small-to-medium-sized tent but it’s concealed by virtue of baggy pants and tight undies, or he’s not in fact sporting an erection when we make out (despite his extremely enthusiastic body language and vocalizations).

And I just remembered a discussion we had last night about him feeling kind of weird or disconnected in high school because his guy friends would swoon over hot chicks and he couldn’t relate – he found them attractive enough, but wasn’t attracted to them per se.  They weren’t shiny enough (his latex/plastic kink started early).

So now I’m wondering whether he’s such a fetishist that he needs fetishwear in order to get off.  Like…maybe he’s really not pitching a tent with me when we make out, and it’s because we’re both in our street clothes.

I just messaged him on FetLife asking him about this, and am keenly awaiting an answer.

A fetishwear requirement wouldn’t necessarily be a dealbreaker for me**, mind you. It’s just something I should know about before the makeouts progress much further so I can adjust my expectations.


*I really don’t want to deal with a giant cock like Minx’s again.  The very thought makes my vagina dry up and stick shut.  FEH.

**Especially if he’s not picky about who’s wearing it – I’d happily dress him in latex and then fuck him.  I’d just prefer to be naked, myself.


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  1. Fnord

    I know a male-body genderqueer who feels sexual arousal totally divorced from erections. Ey do get erections, but ey have described the presence of an erection as totally unconnected to eir inner feelings of sexual arousal.

    It’s not impossible that he felt aroused even if he didn’t have an erection.

    • Oh, I know. When I used the word “arousal” I meant physical arousal. I’ve certainly had times when I was turned on but probably not, um, engorged…I’m sure guys do, too.

      Feels more ego-gratifying for me when they get erections, though. 😛

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