Just wrote a message to The Doll re: Friday and he responded within four minutes(!).  Plans are in place; everything seems to be okay.  Jesus, I have got to stop whipping myself into a frenzy over every little thing.

Oh, also, he mentioned me [anonymously] in a discussion group post!  People were just talking about the right and wrong way to present yourself online and he mentioned that he’s just started seeing someone and it’s going well, and that he attracted this person by having a nice, detailed profile that was about him as a person and not just his kinks.  And (perhaps as a precaution because he was posting in a place where I could see it?) he added that even if things with us don’t work out in the long run, he’s still happy to have had some nice dates and made a friend.  D’AWWWWWWW TIMES ONE MILLION.

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