…Wait. Do I *want* to be courted?

True to his word, The Doll did show up to my art sale.  Also, he brought me an orchid in a pot.  It was a sweet and unexpected gift (if a tad impractical – I already had a ton of stuff to schlep home at the end of the day).  Historically, I haven’t dated guys who gave me gifts so early on, so it’s pretty easy to think that maybe The Doll is into me more than I’m into him and that this will cause awkwardness at some point.  But then again maybe he’s just a person prone to giving gifts.  I’m trying my best just to enjoy the attention without worrying about it too much.

In other news, High School Friend not only drove me and my crap to and from the event, she volunteered to sit with me all day!  And refused to take any sort of payment!  I feel bad for the times I’ve said less-than-flattering things about her here.  Yeah, she’s got her issues, but she has a generous heart and this makes her a far better person than me overall (I don’t think I’d willingly spend eight hours hawking someone else’s wares at a crowded craft fair for free!).  She was flat-out amazing at the fair, btw – all I really asked was that she keep me company and watch the table if I had to go to the bathroom, but she ended up chatting with customers, making change, and writing down what we sold of her own free will.  In many ways I had a better time with her as my wingman than I did with Minx, who was always filled with constructive criticism for how I talked to customers but barely interacted with them himself.

Oh, also, one customer recognized me from one of my costumed modelling gigs.  My friend Red had swung by my table to say “hi” and when the customer was walking away she overheard him telling his wife that I was the one of the best models he’d seen at that particular drawing event.  FUCK YEAH.

Also, this craft fair brought in more money than any of the others I’ve done.  By a wide margin. 😀

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  1. Also, this craft fair brought in more money than any of the others I’ve done. By a wide margin.

    That’s awesome! Go you!

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