He knows me. :D

My humble little circle of internet peoplz has been discussing the tv show Firefly a bit lately – specifically, which character(s) we have crushes on.

All the talking made me haul out the Firefly box set last night so Minx and I could watch the first few episodes together.  I asked Minx who he thought my main Firefly crush would be (out of the boys) and he immediately said Simon.  When I asked why, he said “He has a nervousness about him.  And he’s a caretaker.”  (Note to people who don’t watch Firefly: not caretaker as in janitor; Minx was talking about how sweet, nurturing, and protective Simon acts, especially toward his mentally unstable sister.)

So yeah, Minx has a pretty uncanny idea of what I like in a boy personality-wise.  He’s not quite there on the looks front, though; he figured my second choice would be Wash, and although Wash scores big points with me for being “the funny one”, he’s far enough from my physical type that I don’t think I’d wanna do anything with him but hang out and play with plastic dinosaurs together.

(I don’t know that I have a second choice, really.  Jayne is hot but way too much of a manly-man, and not too bright.  I find Mal reasonably attractive and he has a good personality…but the way he keeps slut-shaming Inara is a total buzzkill.  Book is too old.)

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  1. Asehpe

    I wondered about Nishka. I can’t hear him saying “then things between us… are really sooolid! not gossip anymore” with that fake Russian accent. Also I tend to be partial to bad villans who can cut off the hero’s ear.

    Or maybe Jubal Early, the bounty hunter defeated by River Tam in the last (unaired) episode Bodies in Space? You know, the one who kept saying ‘Do you think this is fair?’.

    But then again, I’m a man, and 95% hetero. I shouldn’t be thinking about men

    I guess Mal slut-shaming Inara is more of a social-class-plus-crush thing. Inara is the lady, he is the tramp; she didn’t lift a finger during the Unification War, and even supported the Alliance, while he was busting his idealistic ass in the trenches with Zoe. He can’t forget that. Besides, his shtick is being bad to the people he likes (except Kaylee, apparently) — he almost never misses an opportunity of offending Simon, or of reminding Book that he (Mal) doesn’t believe in god, etc.

    Maybe Jayne became less of a “manly man” with that funny hat he got from his mother in The Message. That he, Mr I’m-so-selfish, should be sending money to his mother is also interesting. There was going to be some character development there (him saying “I don’t understand why that boy did it!” to an uncharacteristically supporte Mal at the end of Jaynestown also points in this direction). Who knows? Maybe by the end he’d have morphed into something more to you taste.

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