Annnnnnnnnd good riddance.

Craigslist crossdresser is out of my life, at my request.  Don’t feel like hashing out the details right now; I’ve already done that with all my friends.  Suffice it to say that we had a totally stupid, childish argument (which is a red flag in itself when you’ve only known someone a week or two) and he reacted very badly.  Like, literally saying “you hurt my feelings!  What are you gonna do about it?!” over and over again.  And this was after I’d apologized.

HE’S FORTY-FIVE GODDAMN YEARS OLD.  It might be time for him to learn to deal with his own issues instead of doing this whiny, entitled, “you’re obligated to make me feel better!” thing.  I seriously tried as hard as I could to be calm and reasonable and talk things out with him;  I even asked what he needed from me in order to make things right, and he snapped that he didn’t know.  Then he said, for about the fiftieth time, “you hurt my  feelings!  What are you gonna do about it?!”

Jesus motherfucking Christ on a stick.

Anyway.  The conversation really skeeved me out and I ended up breaking things off via email, then blocking him.  It felt sort of empowering.  I normally keep a questionable guy around slightly longer than this, simply because I’m loathe to give up the attention/companionship/whatever.  It felt good to just chop this one out of my life for the first offense instead of, like, the third.  Hopefully I can make that my regular procedure.

At times like this, I’m grateful to have my cat (I only got him two months ago, and I’ve never had a pet all on my own before,  so there’s still a certain novelty to it).  It really does make a difference, knowing I have a steady source of affection no matter what’s going on in other areas of my life.  After I hit the send button on my “please fuck off and die” email last night, I looked over at my little guy and said “Well, I guess it’s just you and me, kiddo.”  He purred and looked at me with upside-down-face and all was right  with the world.  Good kitty. 🙂


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4 responses to “Annnnnnnnnd good riddance.

  1. WISE decision. Who needs that crap??

  2. Cats warming the heart one purr at the time

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